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Friendly Dog Repellent

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We are in a nice small park district CG up north close to family for a couple of months.  The park is mostly local folks in RVs that rent the same sites every year.  The couple next to us live in their fiver full time and have been parked in the same spot for a few years.   Even though the park has posted rules about cleaning up after your pets and posted rules about dogs being required to be on leashes, these folks next to us simply let their small dog run around outside once a day and crap behind my MH.  At first I just knew there was a small dog leaving me a present every day but I finally happened to be out dumping my black tank and watched the little sneaky dude make his delivery.

I waited until it happened again and called their attention to it.  The male neighbor came over the picked it up but he had to hunt around and find an old Walmart bag to use.  That told me they had never really practiced picking up after their dog.  The next couple of days when I found some "gifts" in the same spot behind my MH I would pick it up and toss it over to their yard.  I had noticed that they mow their own site and liked to walk around barefoot in their grass so I figured that would work.  No such luck.

Found a recipe online (white vinegar and ground pepper) and mixed some up.  I use a spray bottle and every couple of days I spray around my site.  It will probably take me over a month to use a gallon.  So far I haven't found any more yard bombs behind my MH.  Actually when I see other folks walking their dogs they don't seem to wander over to my area at all anymore.

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1 hour ago, Sticky said:

Thank you!!! What is the recipe please? I would love to know!

White vinegar and a little cayenne pepper mixed in.  I just tossed the cayenne into the jug of cheap vinegar then I pour some into my small spray bottle as I need it.  Just watched a overnight RVer walk her two dogs past our site.  Her beagle pulled over by my welcome sign, I'm sure he was thinking it looked like a great spot to tinkle.  His nose came up and he decided he didn't like the grass surrounding my coach for some reason!  Ummm…..smells okay to me.

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26 minutes ago, Sticky said:

I wonder if it would keep dogs from jumping on someone if they sprayed it on their clothing?

Maybe , but , do you really want be smelling vinegar all day ? 

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