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Air Ride Hitch for MDT

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Hello,  I have picked up a MDT & have pulled my 5th wheel with it for about 1000 miles.  Now I would like to upgrade to an air bag hitch like the trailsaver 2.   There are also a couple other manufactures who make a quality air ride hitch.    I have looked for a used one for 30 days or so & they are few & far between, so I also thought I would ask here.  I am located just outside of Denver, Colorado.   I'd drive 500 miles or so, but there is also the shipping option as well.  If you hear of one let me know.  Thanx again...happy trails...

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A couple weeks ago I drove 375 miles one-way & purchased a used EZ-Floater Air bag hitch by HitchCrafter.  It was listed on this site.   I looked for a couple months on-line most every evening.....were not many used ones out there.  So be patient if you have time & they do show up.  

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