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Maiden voyage!

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We're getting ready to head out on our maiden voyage, around 7000 miles..... go big or go home. Our trip will take us from Klamath Falls, OR. to Phoenix AZ where we will pick up our 10 yr old grandson. From there we are either headed to Jacksonville FL. to see the granddaughter or to Warrenton VA. to drop off the grandson at his home, then back to Oregon. I have a question about our route from Oregon to Phoenix. Which way would you suggest, I-5, 395 or 95...or other suggestions?

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X2.  And I live here!!!  Self employed with NO recourse when fuel prices increase.  For that matter, some of my work still pays the same as 2008, and NOTHING is the same price as then.

Gotta find a way outta here, ugh!

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Traveled  from Seattle to Laughlin NV both ways last 3 years, we use 5 we like 3 RV parks on the on 5, Seven Feathers, Canyonville  OR,  Rolling Hills Casino, Corning CA, and The Orange Grove RV Park, Bakersfield CA. I 5 is easy, you will get some mountain driving, Ashland to Redding, give you some idea of what your truck can do, take ca46 from 5 to 99 north of Bakersfield, then 58 east out of Bakersfield, Orange Grove RV Park is on 58 . 58 to Kramer Junction 395 South to, I-15 South to I-10 in Riverside. My problem with 395 is only 2 lanes mostly and only one RV Park to handle our 72 feet, 8 miles west of Lakeview OR on 140, Junipers RV Park. Safe trip.

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In +30 years of Central OR to all parts of AZ we have taken every paved road and some of the gravel / dirt roads.....

Cal mostly sucks for RV travel for a lot of reasons if just in transit through state........99 was so darn rough that the Army for a while would not allow truckers to haul battle tanks over sections of 99 because it was to rough on the tanks........uggg

95 South through Nevada is a mixed bag fairly good two lane highway BUT many HORRIBLE drivers that just HAVE to pass a RV no matter how fast you are driving. This year in our trip North on 95 we had to brake FOUR times to allow BAD drivers room to pull in after they had too little power and room to pass we were at 65 mph most of the time......

Over the years we had various aircraft that made the OR to AZ with ease.........T-210 worked well, V-35 Nice, C-182 nice view, C-421 easy quiet ride, Lear 36 very short ark bit of fuel hog but only a SR71 would pass it............

We once took te dirt road around the West side of Pyramid Lake and our Chestnut color horse was white from the Alkali dust by the time we got back on the pavement North of Fallon.

395 is fair once you get out of Reno can be a bit hilly but ok.

T-210 and V-35 was easy but horse would not fit so.......Freightshaker just wonders mostly down 95 these days but keep a sharp eye in the mirrors for bad drivers that try to kill you passing.......

Drive on........(Watch out for killer passers........)


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