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Marooned Marine HF Antenna

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Jaimie from Road Trip America suggested a few forums that might get me out of a pickle.
I have a marine antenna that is packed inside a tube, that is located at:
Pompano Beach, Florida 33069

This tube is 4" x 4" x 13'11" long and weighs 12 lbs.

I need it shipped to; 
Tucson, AZ 85719
Both addresses are businesses.  
Because the Tube is overlength UPS etc, refuse it. I am willing to pay $150, but anymore I might as well buy a new one that includes shipping. This would be an easy fit to tie down on the roof of an RV heading from Florida through or to Arizona.

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You can try uship.com as a source. 


or read this discussion


It seems that the standard size is five feet long (aka 60 inches long) for any maximum ship box. . 


If the bending radius can sustain a tip to tip shape, without staying that way, you can ship it in a 4.5 foot diameter box.  14 feet x 12 = 168 inches.  168 inches circumference is   about 4.5 feet diameter. try that or consider buying something else.  Maybe you can do a tighter circumference circle for the shipping and smaller box.


Looking at Shakespeare 393 SSB marine antenna for $220 on ebay new including shipping anywhere in the USA.  Would suggest selling your existing one in florida on ebay/craigslist/facebook via a local ebay store that sells for people. 


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Thanks for the suggestions. The longest section is very rigid for being on a boat and can't be bent.

I tried Uship and the lowest price was over $1100. I might just lose the the price of the antenna and go the 3 section route, as it will be considerably cheaper for shipping.  I just tried a kick at the can that an RVer might be heading west and do it for a tank of gas.

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not just the ltl company's, but a independent otr driver? pending his rt, might work. but any freight company can handle this easily.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I did get it shipped but was broke when it arrived. The problem was is I had it shipped to a friends place and he didn't check it when it arrived, and I picked it up a month later, and so it was on me.

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