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Schacht Zoom Loom

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I have had this about 2 years, the "Zoom Loom" and have acquired 3 books with info/patterns.  I just really like it.  I had been crocheting, but the weight of the crocheted garment as it got bigger, even granny squares add up, became too much of a strain on my arms, and my hands, with the crochet...........  So, I really like this 4" x 4" weaving loom.  You can use a variety of yarns, I like the "3" worsted the best as it gives a lightweight square.  As with any square like this, you can vary colors and textures and sew the 4" x 4" squares into a variety of items.  I got mine from Wal-Mart online, but Amazon also carries them.  Although they seemed pricey, they are US made and very sturdy.  I can't count the number of squares that I have made and pins are as sturdy as the day I bought it.  Such a portable/take along that everyone can probably find a spot for one should they so desire.

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