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Article in Rapid City, SD. today

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11 hours ago, 2gypsies said:

If you don't actually live where your domicile address is, such as, perhaps, Livingston, TX, I don't feel it the right thing to do to vote in the local elections if you don't know the people you're voting for or don't know the issues involved.  This even goes for state elections if you are never in the state and don't keep up with those involved.

It isn't the question of what I should do or not do - It is allowing the State to dictate that I can't.

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Hi All,

You are making some good points on this thread. It does appear that whether you exercised the right to vote, or at least remained registered to vote, is a factor a court could/would examine when determining a person's domicile. So, I encourage full-timers to exercise their right to vote, in the county of their domicile. However, as well noted throughout this thread, the deciding to vote is very personal. Beyond the issue of maintaining one's domicile, there is the issue of advocating for the right to vote in a particular county. We strive to help RVers preserve their rights. And, to that point, please know that we (Escapees) will continue to monitor this situation. 

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Throughout this thread there's been an underlying element, that of issues on the ballot or candidates for office that have an affinity for, or at least an understanding of, full-time travelers. Have knowledge of the issues that are on the ballot, or at least read them while in the voting booth. Obtain track records and voting history of the candidates and any of their sponsored bills, easy enough on the net. There may be something in there directly relating to RVers that may or may not be beneficial. Beyond issues that may pertain to us there are still the issues that pertain to the good & welfare of people, issues that do not raise taxes but renew and continue to benefit folks. Exercise your right to vote and, as shawnloring just said, go on record as doing so. Happy Trails Folks!

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13 hours ago, oldbutspry said:

It's too bad they don't make any sort of information system whereby a person could research topics of interest in other locations.  I bet a person could make a lot of money inventing something like that.

They have. It's called google.




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