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Is reliable, unlimited access available for under $100 a month?

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12 minutes ago, Bill Joyce said:

"We've also bee too close to a tower and had no service , strange , but , true ."

Not strange at all, since the tower might not have your providers antennas on it.  For many years we camped in a campground with a cell tower just outside it and had only 1X service on Verizon and nothing on AT&T, since it was a US Cellular tower.  That tower is still there, but AT&T and Verizon added other towers in the area and both have service in the campground, just not off that tower.

But , the particular tower 'in question' supposedly had our services antennas on it . 


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4 hours ago, Bill Joyce said:

You still won't get AT&T service in some places, just like you wont' get Verizon in some places.  We were just in two locations with no AT&T for miles, Diamond Lake OR and 10 miles West of Lakeview OR.  We have also been in places a pesky hill or mountain blocked the tower.

Agreed... That's why we have both AT&T and Verizon plans. Although I can say that we have yet to land in a location where we didn't have both services at some level. Just one often better than the other. When we're in an area where our AT&T signal is stronger than Verizon, we use a VOIP app on our Verizon phones to make and receive calls. For heavy duty streaming though, we prefer AT&T.

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