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@ The Baker's Shop

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Tommy & Tammy go into the bakery in the city, each thinking that they were more clever than the other. Tommy immediately and quite quickly snatches a cookie and slips it into his pocket, then gives Tammy a sly and boastful grin. The baker hadn't noticed the theft so Tommy repeats the act a second then third time, and now claimed to be the most clever of the two. At this point the baker is now facing the two so Tammy asks him, "Do you want to see a magic trick?" "Sure", the baker replies smiling. So Tammy grabs a cookie and eats it then holds up her pointing finger as if there's more to come. She then snatches another cookie and does the same, and now the baker's not smiling. With her pointer still up she grabs a third cookie, eats it, then exclaims, "TA DA!". Now the baker is very angry and yells, "So where's the magic?", to which Tammy says, "Look in Tommy's pocket!"

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