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Rehanging glass shower door panels

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I recently bought a 2003 Jayco Eagle fifth wheel with a three panel sliding  glass shower door. The panels were loose and/ or hanging in the wrong order. I need to find instructions on how and in what order to hang the panels in the track. There is an inner and outer track. I’m just not getting it. 

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I had a problem with one of my panels getting really loose and then binding up. It turned out to not be a big deal to fix. One of the guide screws came loose. I removed the screws from each end of the top rail the panels are hanging from and lifted the whole assmebly off the shower and laid it on the bed. If I remember right, the rail slid off the panels then you could see how they go together. I removed the loose screw and put a drop of blue loctite on it and found another loose screw and did the same for it. I then slid everything back together and rehung the assembly on the shower. We haven’t had any more trouble with it.

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