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Rats crawling into my engne

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Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument has no electric hookups, so regular strings of lights are not practical, however, they do recommend you put your vehicle hood up.  Whole park was full of vehicles with hoods up 24 hours per day! 

I suspect that the solar lights would have to be really bright ones to do much good. 

I carry a full complement of critter traps and sprays for insects.  Had a mouse help himself to some cashews inside my grocery drawer once from a can that was not really metal--cardboard with a plastic top.  Little guy helped himself to quite a few.  I set several traps inside and in the outside storage area where I think he entered, but never caught him.  I drove south the next day, so figure he/she must have bailed out on the interstate. 

I also had a chipmunk once store a bucket full of acorns in the engine compartment of my Saturn about 15 years ago, but he never chewed anything.  I had taken it in for an oil change and mechanics found acorns everywhere. I assume poor chipmunk was unhappy I drove away with his winter stash. 

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last year I finally found were the mice and rats where getting in. They would get in one cabinet where the electrical box is under the refrigerator not the interior space.I had no access behind the electrical box where the drain line and electrical lines exited the trailer. So this year I took out all the drawsers next to the cabinet and and cut out a large hole in the side to get behind the electrical box and I filled it with anti rodent expanding foam. and it was still hard to access. NO MICE this year. BUT this year we had a mouse problem in the house. turned out that the flapper on the dryer was no longer closing all the way and they crawled into the vent of the dryer and chewed a perfect square hole in the vent tubing and entered the house. Replaced the tubing and made a perforated cover for the vent exit. so far so good. My wife can now have a Merry Christmas and to to you all the same.

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