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Macerator Pump System

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I have a Macerator system on my motorhome and there is what looks like a bypass fitting between the drain shut offs and the pump.  There is a hose that connects from this bypass to the smaller hose exiting the coach.  Is this something that is necessary?  Presently I leave this bypass open when sitting so the gray tank will drain constantly.  I then close it when I am ready to pump the black tank.

My question is:  Is this bypass necessary?  If not, will the gray tank still drain constantly if I leave the gray valve open all the time and just drain through the pump?

I am having a leak problem and need to replace the hose between the drain valve fittings and the pump.  I am having issues finding a replacement hose for this application.  Any idea where to look?  Already looked at all the supply stores (Home Depot, Lowes, etc).

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I close the gray tank 2 days before dumping the black tank.
I use the bypass 24/7 all the other times.

Do you have the portable pump or the box pump?

Is it the short hose from the outlet to the pump?
That is probably the standard sewer hose size. Just heavier hose then standard.

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This was the only way I could get my picture posted for showing.  Do I need the bypass valve?  I will be replacing the black connecting hose as is leaking.  Just need to find where I can purchase the black hose.  Any ideas?




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Are you talking about the bellows type hose?  That might be coach specific.  Or at least they could get you a part number that could be cross-referenced.  Another option would be to call the macerator company and see what hoses they supply with their kits.  Sani-con, for example, has the bellows type hose with their permanent install set up.  http://www.thetford.com/product/sanicon-system/

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Can't see any reason for it. I also have a macerator system and do not have the small hose with the valve on it.

Edit. If you are leaving your gray tank open, would check that gray water will flow thru pump when pump is off, this might be reason for bypass.

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