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We have Whirlpool and my wife has loved the results. We had Clean and Wrinkle free clothes.

We did have a washer door switch fail that was replaced under warranty. But the new switch started giving problem after about 9 months and out of warranty. I called Whirlpool parts and described the the part I needed but told them I didn't need the old design switch ( I don't if they have a improved design). I was told it would be the same switch.

When the first bad switch was replaced I was given the old switch, I dissected the switch and saw a probable cause of Malfunction which is a rough spot on a internal slide. My fix on the present switch was expose the switch where I could manually operate the switch full extension about 40-50 times and that smoothed out the rough spot. Now everything was working  but presently parked until after Christmas. I am wondering how long my fix will last. 

The washer was installed in the RV Oct 2015 and the washer Model number is WFC7500VW2

That's my story and would look at another Whirlpool because in two years some engineer has to have a product improvement to received a raise.

Clay 2016 DRV MS 38PS3

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