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Any experience with Winegard Dish Playmaker?

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We are evaluating satellite antennas as we prepare for full-time living in our fifth year - commencing next summer.  From what I have read lots of travelers like the CarryOut G2+.  We're also considering  the smaller Winegard Trav'ler (which is very spendy - as we say in Oregon).  Anyone have experience with the Trav'ler?  I wonder if it is worth almost $700 more than the other units?  Thank you for your input.

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It all depends on how many tuners you will be using. For example a Dual tuner DVR could want to watch channels on separate satellites.  By nature, all dome dishes can only lock on one satellite at a time. 

The Winegard Trav'ler automatic roof dish locks onto all three satellites at the same time allowing the number of tuners you are using to view any channel.

So if you use a single tuner single receiver, then a dome will work fine for you

Function drives the cost.  After trying to deal with a single LNBF dish (domelike) for a couple of months, we found the limitation of one satellite at  time was unacceptable.  We used a ground tripod with a triple LNBF dish for several years.  Then we obtained a Trav'ler dish.  Made life easier but we still carry the ground tripod for the couple of times a year we might have tree issues.


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The Trav'ler is an open-faced, triple-LNB dish that can "see" all 3 satellites at the same time.

A dome, like the Carryout you mention, has only one LNB and, thus, can only "see" one satellite at a time.  If you are a DirecTV customer, you won't be able to get HD programming with a dome.  While you will be able to receive HD programming with a dome and Dish, you will not be able to watch 2 different programs on 2 different TVs or watch one program while recording another unless those 2 programs are on the same satellite.

For us, the Trav'ler was worth the expense.  YMMV.

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