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silicon valley full timers

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Intersting article. I wonder how many will join in on this parking area as a result of this?

Linda Sand

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I can relate to this for two reasons. First, I lived in Mountain View California, just a few miles from Palo Alto back in the eighties.. 

I paid a grand total of $140.00 per month for a very comfortable one bedroom with a laundry room, courtyard with beautiful gardens, and a swimming pool. I was only twenty five  supporting myself, and doing pretty well. 

So last year for some reason I decided to look at Mountain View real estate, and to my surprise, there was my same apartment.

Now called a condo,  it was available to rent for $2,800.  I was shocked..


The other reason I can relate to this, is because at my age of sixty two almost, paying a large mortgage payment each month on a house that needed work and was too big for me, as well as lost equity, buying a travel trailer and trying out this lifestyle was my best option. It's a very affordable way to live, and in time will purchase another home.


I grew up in an amazing coastal town in New England, and now I know I can never go home.. Just to purchase a condo I'd need at least $300K for a one bedroom, no yard, surrounded by neighbors, No thanks

I feel for these people, knowing that they can barely afford to live where they grew up.  


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