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Others Retired and Traveling With An Adult Child W/Special Needs?

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I have sort of addressed the topic before.  We just had a another residential placement fall through.  It is very hard to find a group home as most are going to an apartment model which would not suit our son, one of the big reasons they are doing it I believe is to only have to accept higher functioning adults.  Now 31 years of age, having been mostly homeschooled, we find ourselves still parenting.  Waiting lists for services in other states can be very long.  I just called NM last week to verify and they have a 10+ year waiting list for day/residential services, a couple of other states I know of have even longer ones.  

Years ago when we were living in southern AZ among snowbirds/full-timers, we did see some adults like our son traveling/living with their parents, much older parents than we are ourselves.  We always wondered why they hadn't put them in programs, but we have come to understand this.  I am just wondering if there are many others out there like us.  We are really torn about what to do.  We would be doing this on a smaller budget (debt-free since 2000 and have savings for backup), but at the same time still capable of working and/or volunteering.  Should we find a placement for him, that would be great, but if not, we will continue to manage, and we have always done well one way or the other.

We have pondered the possibility of buying into one of the SKP parks, the SKP Ranch being probably the most economical for us, and we would love to be in a position to really seriously explore NM.  For us, it would be important to have a place, either leased or bought, that we could retreat to if needed.  We have looked at AZ, and they actually have no waiting list for services for our son, but that probably means he would be in a bigger city, I don't like big cities and avoid them like the plague.

For the record, our son is fine with being with us as he has seen the choices so far and been less than thrilled.  Having spent so much time with us, his behavior in public is excellent, I never cut him much slack when it came to behavior, especially in the public.

So, anyone else doing this and/or thoughts on our "situation".  Currently in KS.



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Thanks Kirk!  I do believe there are and will be many more as time goes on.  In the last year, we have met one couple and their son.  My son loves "big camper" and nature.

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