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2014 Sierra Denali with Automated Safety Hitch

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I've put down roots in Northern California and am not currently on the road, so I'm selling both my truck and the Automated Safety Hitch. 

Together, they towed my 32 foot 5th wheel 10,000 miles in four months, and got me across several mountain ranges.  If you don't know about the safety hitch, you can read about it here: http://www.automatedsafetyhitch.com/  I haven't used a conventional hitch, so I have nothing to compare it with, but I know that as a new driver, the extra set of brakes gave me more confidence going down hills with all that weight behind me, and I had really good maneuverability.  It also has a feature that lets you use the hitch winch to tow your RV out of mud, which was invaluable to me more than once, when I would otherwise have had to pay a tow service and wait for hours.  The company provides great support and the owner/inventor was always available by phone to troubleshoot or answer questions. It was useful to have the bed of my truck available for loads when not towing.  Although people unfamiliar with it were skeptical, my experience with it was very good. Once you get the hang of it, you can hitch and unhitch very quickly, with the hitch motor doing most of the work.  

The truck is a black, crew cab,  2014 Sierra Denali 2500HD Diesel pickup, with around 87,000 miles on it and a white LEER cap for the bed.  The safety hitch requires a modified receiver and the truck has one permanently installed, (not the usual way it's attached) which is why I'm selling them together.  Removing it would involve cutting it off so I'm hoping to find a buyer who wants the whole package.  It has a new fuel pump and injectors, and various finicky electronic sensors have been replaced.  Some of these trucks have a problem with power steering fluid, and that's been fixed on this one. 

The 2014 diesel Denali sells for around $43,000 and I paid $12,000 for the hitch, including the towing out of the mud feature, for a total of $56k.   I'm asking $42k for the truck to allow for the cost of removing the receiver in the future, if necessary, and $8k for the hitch for a total of $50k.  

Contact me with questions or interest at aurora@historica.us

combo for sale.jpg

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