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38 minutes ago, eddie1261 said:

Chad do you know if there is any specific mix and match or will and Dish dish work with any Dish receiver?

If you are talking Dish Network, there are two different style satellite dishes.  One has LNB’s to lock onto western arc satellites and one has LNB’s to lock onto eastern arc satellites.  They are the same dish with a different LNB set mounted on it.  You can even get both LNB sets and just swap them as needed.  Most people use the western arc LNB set unless they spend a lot of time in the north east.  Any of the Dish Network receivers will work with either dish set up.

if you are talking Direct TV, there is the older style dish and the newer style SWM dish.  I am not as familiar with these because I am not a Direct TV customer, but if you have an SWM Dish, you need a receiver specific to SWM and if you have the older style dish, you need a receiver specific to that style (at least that is my understanding).

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Great info. Thanks. I will likely be spending most of my time, if not the rest of my life, in the southwest, so that'll be the ticket. For the rare occasions I would be east of the Mississippi I can use data or wifi at a Walmart or something.

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A western arc Dish dish will work anywhere in the country except the extreme northeast. All it needs is a clear look to the southwest. The limitation east of the Mississippi other than sight line, is that most of the local stations are on an eastern arc satellite in HD, and only in SD on the western arc, or not on it at all. Having both LNB's for both arcs will give you a lot more aiming flexibility though. If you use portable automatic aiming dome style dish, there are models that are capable of receiving both arcs, but the receiver models they'll work with is limited.

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