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Verizon yagi cell phone booster

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I've had COX cable at home for years. Recently, while traveling and getting Verizon Unlimited data I realized I no longer need cox cable, as I will use my iphone personal hotspot for my internet connection, thus saving $60+.

BUT, I've also discovered I only get 2 bars at my home location so I need a cell phone signal booster. Not only will I need one for my home, but I'll need one for traveling and boondocking.

For traveling a yagi is the optimum. Having a WeBoost or Ubiquity M5 would be great, but not for $400+. Are there any suggestions for what is being used as an inexpensive yagi setup?  I know there are many good Chinese products, and which are inexpensive, but I don't know how to find them, or which one would be good. Any suggestions or comments?

Safe travels, Dan

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You pay the money, to get a system that works.  We use a Wilson Cell booster with one of two antennas,  One is a Lil' Trucker and the other is a WeBoost Yagi.



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I have been using a Katrina era 1X/3G signal booster from Wilson Electronics for years.  It now takes a rest as the WeBoost  Verizon 4G Sleek takes its place,  Both still work but for different uses.  Nice to go from attaching antennas to slipping into a cradle.  Now I see they have whole house/rv systems that are not carrier specific and can handle multiple devices.  While on the road my rooftop or window antenna work just fine.  When parked for longer periods in fringe areas I seek out the location of the closest verizon tower and set up my Weboost yagi.  Amazon search shows you can get a similar set up for a around $230. Not their top of the line but certainly functional from one of the best.....


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