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Weboost 4G-S and Mobley

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Need to boost my Mobley reception. The Weboost Drive 4Gs and similar models aren't in the budget this year. Has anyone had success using the Weboost 4G-S cradle and a Mobley?  Plans are to use a painters pole and a cellular truckers antenna and bungie to the RV ladder. 

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I have one. And for the price it's a worthwhile addition. Due to other changes, I'm now carrying the 4G-S in our toad, in case it is needed while traveling. 

They run very hot. So place them on an appropriate surface (I use a piece of floor tile.). And keep a spacer between the Mobley and the cradle. I use a small piece of plastic about 3/8th thick, and rubber band either the Phone, Mobley, MiFI, whatever the device is, into the cradle. And make sure you have an adequate ground plane for the antenna. In a pinch, I've attached it to the metal fans up over the dash, and found they were enough to help pull in the signal... But up on roof is best, either a 10" saw blade, or Home Depot has 8" X 10" galvanized metal in the roof section. I have two of those together up on the roof, calked down, and they make a good ground plane. 

Now, just to be clear, thought he 4G-S will help in many situations, it is not a big dawg cell amp... So their will be times when you it just won't get the job done for you. But again, for the price to performance - I believe it is a good tool to have in the Communication Arsenal:)!


Best of luck to you,


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