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Augusta Luxe 42MD and Freightliner M2-112 For Sale

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Hi! The time has come for us to sell our rig, so we wanted to share the details here. We're selling our Augusta Luxe 42MD and our Freightliner M2 truck. It's a gorgeous mid-den fifth wheel, 43' long, with beautiful white modern interior. We are sad to say goodbye, but we are excited to transition to a slightly less nomadic lifestyle! $120K for each or $220K for the whole package. You can find all the details on the truck and trailer here:




This is the perfect setup for fulltiming, with room to spare for your grandkids or hobby space.  Thanks for looking!

IMG_0624 small.jpg

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added rvtrader link

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Joezilla, just added some picture of the truck interior to the website.  I was waiting to get it detailed!

Alie&Jim, not sure why the link doesn't work for you?  It works on my end, and I assume it worked for the previous poster.  We also created an RVTrader listing, so maybe you can check it out there.  Thanks for letting me know there might be a problem!


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