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Hoping I can get some help with hitch placement measurements

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Hey guys,

Back with a couple more questions concerning proper measurements. I am getting closer to being ready to place/install the 5th wheel hitch on our Freightliner FL60. 

We are removing the old service body that is currently on the truck and will be either cutting the frame rails or adding to them at the rear of the truck....whichever is best or necessary. 

The two dimensions I am hoping to learn are....

1. what is the measurement from the center of the kingpin to the rear of most typical truck bumpers? I want to cut (or add) to the rear of the frame rails and add a bumper set up of some sort with a receiver

2. what is the height from the ground to the top of the typical 5th wheel plate? I am trying to determine where the hitch will be placed on the frame rails...whether we will need to shim up or install below the frame rails.

I hope my questions make sense.

Thanks again,



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Thanks Alie and Jim. 

I measured and found that with my trailer sitting level on the concrete floor it is 48" to the bottom of the 5th wheel plate. So I am thinking I will mount the Trailer saver hitch at approx. 51" to the top of it ..... giving me a few inches of squat for the truck.

Does that sound reasonable?


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