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Installing GLASS backsplash

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Hi there,

Considering installing a backsplash on the backside of the stove and counter area.  i have noticed in new rigs they almost have a framed area on the back but have left the sides alone.  Given that there is a lot of movement, this makes sense.  I am interested in installing Aspect peel and stick GLASS tile!  I am wondering if anyone has used the glass product instead of the gel product?  The backsplash is currently stained wood to match the cabinet and there is a taped seam 3/4 of the way across which creates a bump.  I am considering adhering acrylic to the backsplash and sticking the tile to the acrylic.  Aspect says the substrate has to be clean, smooth and not subject to expansion and contraction.  In fact you can tile right over smooth glass tile.  Any thoughts?  the Acrylic would cut down on the weight vs. cement board...and...the cement board and tile may be too thick to attach above the Corian lip that edges the counter top.

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I am not sure if this helps but I put small glass tiles around the kitchen area in our Teton.  I used regular glass tile mix and nonsanded grout.  The wall was standard RV paneling.  I just cleaned and primed the wall and glued a 1"x2"  board on the backside of the refrigerator wall to stiffen it a little.  I did it about 8 years ago and it still looks fine.  No cracks in the tile or grout.  Some of our friends have done the same with excellent results and it looks great.

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I have no idea if this helps but here goes. Our MH has glass mirrors(2' high X 4' long) covering an entire wall next to the kitchen sink. They are attached with industrial strength Velcro, which is still holding strong (knock on wood).

Hopefully that seam/bump will turn out to be between tiles-sorta like a grout line, so you don't have tiles covering an uneven area, which will be prone to cracking.

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