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I like it, handy when traveling! It has 2 gb ram, 16 GB SSD, can add up to 64 GB SD card. IT has the ATOM processor Z3735F, 1.33 GHZ. 32 bit OS + X 64 based processor. bought it last March for $85.00 including tax.

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I may need to try a windows tablet. That way I could run my Garmin MapSource/Basecamp software on it too and bring it along on the bike when I need to. The last small device I had to run windows was as an ASUS Eee PC 1005HAB - 10.1" - Atom N270 - 1 GB RAM - 250 GB HDD running XP back when they were popular before the windows tablets started coming out. The only thing I really disliked about it was the 800x600 screen. That got old quick.  

Any suggestions at some windows tablets to I could look for that would be decent, but not crazy expensize? I'm fine with trying to find used ones out there too. 

The one Pieere posted about might be one to check out for sure. 

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RV...Because desktops are too big for RVs as a second system,

Hummmmm! I have had a Desktop in my MH's since I went Full Time in Oct. 1999. right now(last 3 years) I have 2 Desktops W10's.
One with a 22.5" monitor on top of Kitchen table, tower sits/rides under table against wall. And a keyboard slide-out mounted under table top.
One with a 19" monitor and keypad that sits on top of tower beside the couch. Both have 12GB Ram in them.

Then there is the ME 15" OS Laptop that runs my VMSpc program and never used on the internet that rides on the dash.
A 15.5" W10 Laptop that runs Street & Trips on a table beside the drivers seat. When parked it is used on the dash in front of the passenger seat. Also a old 15" XP laptop no longer used stored under bed.

Don't forget the iPad Air that is mounted on the drivers side window when traveling running Copilot GPS.
It replaced the iPad 2 that Apple no longer gives new updates for. But is still usable for the internet.

Last is the Sprint unlimited Internet iPhone 7 Plus when traveling is mounted to drivers side window sending via Bluetooth to speakers either Pandora or Amazon Prime music songs.
If no Sprint service then iPhone uses WiFi from AT&T Mobley unlimited hot spot. :)

I have room for all this in a 34' 7" MH plus a 10", 19", 24", 26" and a 55" TV. Only 2 of them are Smart TV's. :)


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I was just mirroring what many folks said to me when I said I had a full size desktop in my last fiver. Today my desktop with the 27" 4k touchscreen would serve as an additional TV too. Her 21" All In One Lenovo desktop is the other. I sold all my laptops, old and newer several years back after I got my first two hybrids for me and my SH. Now I have the Surface 3 Pro typecover/stylus, The ASUS T100 CHI Z3795/4GB/128GB, my wife's older Dell Venue Pro 10.8" tablet with full HD and even USB 3.0. My only traditional desktop (box and separate monitor) is the tiny Voyo mini PC, which is smaller and thinner than a paperback novel. The Voyo is hooked up to the guest bedroom LCD TV which is in a retro hot red case ( http://televisions.reviewed.com/content/seiki-se22fr01-retro-tv-review ) Our phones are now both Motorola Moto Z Play units with the wireless charging spare battery Mods that magnetically mount and connect on the phone backs. We have three Amazon Fire HDX tablets, all last generation models with an 8.9" with 32GB, two 7" one with 16GB, the other with 64GB storage. They were not big sellers because they had no Micro SD card slots which only Apple aficionados would go for. We only use the Fire HDX tablets as readers instead of our old Kindles. I kept the Kindle Paperwhite in case I ever do decide to read outside.

I have to laugh because those with one laptop see it as overdoing it but having specific goals for each unit is nice to do too if one can.

We lived in our 28.5' Sunnybrook fiver with super slide for a year and used the tablets exclusively because we both use the touchscreens for sizing and scrolling with fine control. Our cable Internet provider ran a cable to the input on the side of the fiver and we had 50 Mbps then. (200Mbps now and unlimited for 80 bucks a month) We stream all our TV content for about 1/4th of what TV cost for cable alone with many channels we do not watch. But we are not mobile at the moment either. Next year we move and then see if we want another fiver or what.

Which goes far beyond having a dedicated banking machine of whatever form factor. We have several dedicated machines so don't see it as unusual like others might think.


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