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I'll admit I crashed our company Tesla through a curb in Autopilot mode awhile ago.  If only I had read the instructions...That resulted in a new wheel from the Tesla service center which, BTW, isn't located in the mall.:rolleyes:  I then went on to mess up 4500 acres of perfectly good summerfallow in our Autosteer tractor.  It'll go forever inside your own dust cloud that you never could do before, but you better use the basics of tractor driving to turn your corners or you'll end up with a mess.  You can take a drive anywhere through SE WA and see all kinds of autosteer skips and overlaps all over the place.  It is a pretty good visual of how you can automate something but the person running it can still make it go wrong.  I then spent all last spring in a truck with a lane keeping assist steering wheel [even had it in Wenatchee twice ;)] and I hated it for the first few days.  But once you get used to its feedback, learn what it is thinking, then adapt, and I really, really didn't want to lose it when its time was up.  I was like scared of anybody on the road that was steering their truck on their own. :lol:

Anyways, I read a study that said 62% of the US is expecting to buy an autonomous car within 10 years.  But then automotive article after automotive article that says no way it'll happen and that it ain't at all what you read about.  I personally think if FMVSS 150 becomes law that is when you know the turning point will be.  We'll all get used to our cars talking to us, telling us what to do, and only one of the DSRC technologies will settle to the top (ie: you'll know what to invest in).  From there you'll get pieces of autonomy and it'll all start to come together.  You are right about it being a city thing, but I think you'll also get some serious peer pressure (via the horn) in the city as well.  When you are sitting there trying to figure out what is going on and the three new luxury cars behind you already have known what is going on for the last 1000ft I get the feeling they aren't going to be very patient. It'll be a whole new world.  Hopefully there will be an aftermarket for it and you can check your Google watch to see if a train is coming or something.....^_^

Anyways, electric doesn't mean autonomous (but it is buyer expected to be), but autonomous will start to become real apparent if DSRC becomes law in the next two years.  Then you'll know where to put your $.  It is all super interesting stuff but just not quite time to put your hard earned $ into it just yet.

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