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RV fridge death... fork in the road, which fork to take?

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6 hours ago, BrianT said:

Figured it was only right that I update the thread and let you all know what happened.

Thank you for the update and congratulations on the self-repair!

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Hi BrianT - thanks for the update -  I did the same thing to my wee house on wheels earlier this year due to the untimely timing of my cooling unit failure / disorganization / location / proximity to good motorcycle roads vs doing a major technology research / change / renovation etc :) .  Unit 1 ran 10 years of quite a bit of use, figgered if unit 2 runs anywhere's near that we are good.... 

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Household Refrigerator Fan Installation

I recently had a household refrigerator installed to replace the Dometic RM2652 that died after 16 years of continuous use. The RV tech in Springerville, AZ said that Frigidaire and Whirlpool were the best, but he ended up putting in a Magic Chef. The Magic Chef manual specifies 5 inches of empty space all around the fridge. This installation has about an inch and a half on the sides and 3 inches on the top. Because of this, I decided to install a small computer fan in the space behind and above the fridge. Of course, this meant some minor carpentry work, such as removing a small section of the wall in order to gain access to the space behind the top of the fridge. Also, I made a platform for the fan out of plywood and screwed it down to some existing 1 by 2's and then cut a small notch in the wall for the power cord to come out. The fan, that I purchased on the internet, is an Axial 4.75 X 4.75 X 1 lower speed, quiet fan. Now that the wall is back in place, I can only hear a low hum if I am within 2 feet of the fridge. I know it is doing its job because the wall on one side of the fridge is much cooler than it was before the fan was installed.

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