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ABS Fault code

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4 hours ago, RHeller1 said:

Mine just started happening this week.  No new codes or dash lights.  My mid136 sid69 has been an active brake code since I bought the truck last year.  Had no driveable issues till now.  I have checked all wheel sensors or fitment, replaced the rear wire harness.  I would assume a dash light would tell me if an abs sensor was dead...is there a way to ohm them?

Sensors will generate an AC voltage when they "see" the tone ring moving past their surface. If they're removed from the mount, run a piece of steel past the tip, while a meter is clipped to the leads. I typically use a screwdriver. A cordless drill can also work, placing the tip over the motor, not the chuck.

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On 1/3/2019 at 5:22 PM, RHeller1 said:

My issue is now odd.  If I am making a turn from a dead stop or under 20mph, the truck will have no throttle response until the steer wheels are close to straight again.  I am thinking it has something to do with ESC, maybe thinking the rear end is sliding, when in actuality it is not.  Once the steers are close to straight again, full power and all is well.  No other codes besides MID136 SID69 FMI2.  any help here is greatly appreciated.  

I did a Google search and this sounds like traction control. There should be a fuse if you pull it that will turn of traction control and then you will know. 

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After reading a bit through the Bendix website, since they have the ESC,Traction control and ABS stuff in my truck, I found this:

TRUCK CHASSIS MODIFICATIONS If the vehicle’s chassis components are altered (for example, a wheel base extension or reduction, tag axle addition or removal, a major body change such as conversion of a tractor into a truck, or an axle, suspension, or steering system component modification) the basic ABS functionality may continue to be used, but advanced ABS features, such as the Bendix® ESP® system, must be disabled. See the appropriate Service Data sheet for more information.

My truck frame has been extended quite a bit, so I am going to see if the dealer can change my Bendix setup to basic rather than advanced, which should eliminate TCS,steering angle sensor and a few others.  I will let you know how it turns out

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