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Verizon Prepaid Phone

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I bought a Verizon Prepaid Phone to use on an MVNO(Verizon). Went to have them port over my number and was told that the Verizon Prepaids cannot be ported to. Here is the response:

The Device ID you submitted was not eligible for activation on our CDMA network that’s why the port was not successful. Phone in Box, it can't be activated in our system. Typically you can only be activating this device on Verizon Retail Prepaid service.

Are they correct?

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I called them several times and they were all reading from the same playbook............This was with Speedtalk that started offering Verizon service in addition to T-Mobile.

What I was trying to do was find an inexpensive Verizon MVNO for my DH. He only wants a flip phone; rarely uses his phone. I consider his phone an "emergency" phone  but want good coverage. He currently has a T-Mobile which we pay $3/month for but T-Mobile doesn't seem to have very good coverage for the places we go to. I have ATT and am happy but we feel we should be on 2 different carriers for backup.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I did find the porting number for Verizon and may call them later to verify what Speedtalk told me.



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