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Tucumcari to Witcha

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Traveling east from CA on HWY 40 to just outside Kansas City. Not in any particular hurry and looks like using Hwy 54 off Hwy 40 at Tucumcari is the hypotenuse of the right triangle through Oklahoma City.  I realize it's mostly two lane and goes thorough lots of small towns but I also see there are some major truck stops along the way so appears truckers make use of this route.   I'll be boondocking on this trip which is a consideration.

Any reason other than time of  major Hwy use verses local road to avoid or be concerned.   Road condition etc ?


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We have driven US-54 East from Tucumcari many times. It is a good road used by many commercial trucks. Not sure what you consider boondocking.  If you mean staying for free or parking lot camping, there are some opportunities. Small towns in Kansas often allow overnighting in their city parks. I know the one in Mead does. Some Kansas fishing lakes allow overnights. Some Kansas wildlife management areas allow camping in designated locations. The Flying J in Dodge City is very small and tight, not sure if they let RVs overnight. Some of the bigger towns have Walmarts which I think most likely all allow overnights. Checkout the Free Campsites Website.

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