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Bobi and Dick McKee

Wheel Balance

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I use dyna beeds .. I think mine are dustless ceramic so I can use a tmps w/o a filter..

They are good for 2 sets of tires..

I like them..  and compared to the other methods, very cost effective..

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If you are talking about Dynabeads. I know of people who are happy with them and some who are not. We had a friend who ended up with a slow leak, the bads had gotten into his valve somehow.

When we change tires we are going to get the Centramatics.

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My position on tire balancing is to not bother unless you have a known vibration issue. You can get a tire balanced perfectly and then get 2-3 stones lodged in the tread which throws everything off balance. Most modern tires and rims are manufactured fairly well balanced, it's not like the old days.

I haven't had a tire balanced in 20 years and haven't had any problems, truck, car, trailers, and motorcycles. The $$ saved over the years probably paid for a couple of new tires along the way. Balancing tires is a scam and shop money maker, unless you have a vibration issue!!



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Equal with filtered valve stems and it moves around inside the tire. Any stones that get lodged just changes where the Equal moves too on the inside.

I have used it in 275/75/22.5 G670's for over 12 years now with no problem.

Just found out they have went to a new product Equal Flexx that doesn't need a filtered valve stem and it works with tire sensors with no problem.

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