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Kirk W

A great stop just before you arrive at Escapade.

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Two years ago in route to Tucson for Escapade we stopped for the last night in Saguaro RV park, the Benson, AZ Escapee park. This year that park has been running so full that most of the time they have no sites with hookups and often not even any space for dry camping. As a result we were looking through the Escapee campground directory and several Benson parks are listed with two that give 1/2 price. What was really lucky for us is that John Hatch let us know about Cochise Terrace RV Resort, which isn't in the directory but they are running a special for Escapee members who are traveling to Escapade. They normally give Escapee members a discount from their normal $35/night rate to $26 but this year they are having a special for Escapee members in route to Escapade in Tucson of only $20/night. I don't believe that there is any limit on the number of nights as I know that some are spending as much as a week there. 

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4 hours ago, Cherilanet said:

Thank you so much for the info.

I will point out that my post was made in March of 2017. While that RV park is still there and still very nice, I don't know about Escapee specials. I would probably still choose Saguaro Escapee park first but if it should be full I'd go to Cochise. The next Escapade is in March of 2019 and it may well be that Cochise will run another Escapee special, but it is probably too early to know.

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