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MDT to tow 24k GVWR Teton

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Confessions from a real user and a slow learner.

After three pickups and couple hundred thousand miles of RVing with those pickups absolutely was "ready for an upgrade" to an MDT. Got Cabriolet conversion to an MDT. 5.7L in line six Cummins in line with Allison tranny.


Very nice and comfortable interior (with a real sleeper) nice ride (F-350 chassis). The thing was a friggin' dog up hills. It wasn't even a dog it was a slow dog with emphysema. Brakes needed constant rebuilding, after all, they were just one ton pickup brakes. Time to do something about it, get a "real MDT".



Real pretty, had real (good) MDT brakes, 7.2L International V-8, Allison tranny. WOW! Hooked it up, first hill discovered that this thing had COPD, down to 40-45 mph! And that was with a 36 foot trailer. On top of that with Class 6 stiff suspension the ride was horrible. Kept it for 4 years decided to go to a larger trailer, had visions of not being able to get around Amish buggies up hills. Time to solve the problem.


Problem solved.

Most MDT owners will not tell you this. Wounded pride? Overpaying for mistake? Not studying the decision thoroughly? Critical wife? Etc. With a 24K GVWR fifth don't screw around with an MDT, unless you find M2-112 with a big diesel, it's either that or an HDT.


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Glad to see you have not lost your sense of humor!  I to went from a 2000 ford PSD to a 2005 M2-106 300 HP Cat  c-7 motor. Was a little better than the Ford pulling but not much and the ride was horrible. The wife HAD to use her seat belt or it would throw her out of the seat. This was pulling a 13000 # trailer. Then I went to the other side with the Volvo and would never go back. There, I admit  I made a mistake!!!

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Thanks guys.... I appreciate all the comments and tips. I guess sometimes you don't know what you want/need until you learn what you don't want/need first.

As of yet I still have not even tried my "new to me" truck. It is still at the fabrication shop having a hauler bed built (job changes have delayed the need for the completion of the truck). Lord willing I will be picking it up in the next few weeks and before summer's end I will have an actual towing experience to evaluate. If it turns out the truck is not going to meet my needs I guess I will consider it one more mistake in my long list of lessons learned the hard way :)

I'm hoping that since we only need the truck to relocate the 5th wheel RV trailer every now and then that it will be sufficient for us at this time. And if in the years to follow find ourselves actually traveling more I suspect I will be more anxious to move up to one of the big boys.

I will keep you posted on what we learn as the next couple of months pass.

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