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New testing in TX for your Class B or A upgrade licenses

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On 1/4/2019 at 2:40 AM, packnrat said:

seeing as i have now less than 8 years to go, might have to renew twice buy then,.

then no more driving for pay.

sure driving a heavy truck, looks good to some. sure has plenty of giddy up and woe down. but after 41 + years of driving for a living, i never want to get back into one of the "big rigs".


Yeah me neither....in Texas at least, you can downgrade an interstate Class-A CDL to an intrastate Class-A CDL.

It is called Category 4: Excepted Intrastate. 

You will keep most of the endorsements you have, but may lose hazmat if you have that one.

I am actually 'grandfathered in' on the medical. I know it sounds odd... but it is true, that a 61 year old (me) can now actually drive a CMV bus or truck IN TEXAS for the next 5 years legally with NO medical exam. But absolutely true.

Of course this license means I can drive any size or type of RV in Texas, and that ability extends to the other states.


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i might keep the “class A” but change over to “ non commerce”.

yes lose all endorsements. but no worry's on that. will still be-able to drive or pull any sized rv. in all 50 plus canada. just need that bridge to be built so i can drive to that rock out in the pacific.

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