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photos of how you set up your campsite for your dogs?

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1 hour ago, bja1234 said:

I have used electronic collars for some training, such as snake proofing, for decades. I am not a fan of any system that provides stimulation automatically (i.e. without the trainers input to initiate it). Every dogs reaction to these devices is different and the trainer needs to be in control at all times. I suggest you read the 28 poor reviews. Here are excerpts from a few.

"The boundry would change each time you turned on the fence. When the automatic garage door was opened or closed it would interfer with the signal of the fence. If the dog was anywhere nere the garage door it would shock him even though he was within the boundry"

"field changes all the time as soon as the collar starts to run down a bit the everything gets smaller this seems to be true with all of the wireless not just this one"

"If your pet runs far enough past the boundry the collar stops shocking. Then she tries to come home and gets shocked again because she has to cross the boundry. So now my dog knows if she stays out far enough the collar wont shock her."

"my dogs just go right on past it like it was not there"

"the saint bernard its on the highest setting and it dosnt even phase him"

"I have a 90# golden retriver, heavy coat and is used to running thru brush and heavy cover, the correction is not strong enough for a dog like this. Even with the longer prongs the correction didnt phase him"


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When we had our dog, we never did anything special as far as setting up our campsite.  If she was outside, she was either on a leash with us, or on a cord connected to the RV with us outside as well.  The only thing I did special was add an eye bolt to the stair framing on our fifth wheel for an easy connection point for the dog cord.  The cord we used was a standard 15 or 20 foot cord with clips at both ends.  This kept her in our site, but gave her some freedom to move around.

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