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Found 4 results

  1. We are full-timers and are staying most of the winter in the Georgetown, Texas area and I need to get two fogged-up windows on the driver's side of our 2015 Newmar Dutch Star 3736 replaced. I have several questions: 1. Is there somewhere I can purchase the fixed driver's side window and the glass above the driver's side windows, other than Newmar? Got a price from them (I have to buy the complete window assembly - glass not sold separately) and it will cost an arm and a leg with shipping. 2. Can anyone recommend a quality RV technician in the Georgetown/Austin area that can complete the replacement of the windows at a reasonable price, without tying up our rig for more than a day? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. OK I will excerpt part of it but please read past anything too techie for some and pay attention to the facts straight from Intel. All Vendors (Windows, Apple, and Linux based computers) use the same Intel hardware whether older or newer the same Intel chips as do most Chromebooks and Windows Tablets. All computers and Windows tablet vendors (Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung) use either AMD or Intel chip sets. Some AMD and all INtel chips are affected. If you have an AMD computer check with your vendor website or call them. Make sure you have the brand, chip type if Intel (Skylake, Haswell, etc.) & model number to check with your specific computer. Your vendor (manufacturer ) will be responsible for issuing processor set specific fixes if available. Here is the part most will go HUH? about. Whether their computer has an Intel Cherry Trail, Haswell, or a newer Skylake chip set. I suggest everyone download Piriform's Speccy and install it on their system along with CCleaner. Why Speccy? Because on the first summary screen it tells you what processor you have and which technology, the Haswell and Skylake etc mentioned above. I do not know if they have Apple versions despite Apple needing one to show their processor type so you can download the firmware upgrades or check that they were installed in your Intel systems and Apple are all Intel, no AMD. Most of you know if you have AMD or not. Speccy is made by the same company, Piriform, that makes CCleaner, so it is a great tool and safe to download from their website. So download Speccy here for Windows systems: https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy Then run it and the summary page comes up first and it has what you want as it will tell you the processor name and which tech it is, like Haswell or Skylake. Because Intel is doling out buy type of tech, along with specifics. Here is a screen shot from my Dell 2720 20 inch touchscreen all in one I am on now of the Speccy main screen: As you can see on Speccy's opening screen it gives the main specs. You can click on any one to open a page with the specifics about each, like what Hard drive or RAM you have and their size. it is an Intel Core i7 4770S @ 3.10GHz, the CPU temp is currently 54 °C, and is in the green and is Haswell 22nm Technology. With that in hand I can look up reviews and soecs like this page on it: http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Core_i7/Intel-Core i7-3770S.html So now I can look up my hardware like this CPU, for Intel Haswell patches, or firmware solutions. See they made the 2720 with i5s too, so I need to know which and Speccy gives that and more. Speccy changes nothing it just gives information on your hardware. I don't have to know what the names mean, but when need to tell a tech on the phone my hardware I can pull it up on Speccy before a tech call. The names of your hardware is extremely important if you have to hunt down drivers or decide what kind of RAM to buy. So once you download Speccy and check you CPU name and tech you are ready to read this article which mentions SkyLake processors which I have in my Surface Pro 4 i7 system. But my Surface Pro 3 has an i5 and is a Haswell technology chip set. You don't need to understand the chip architecture just the names of your hardware to look them up for new drivers from your vendors or OEMs (Manufacturer). I will look at Microsoft downloads for my Surface tablets, and go to Dell for my 2720 desktop and my Dell Venue 11 Pro, which has an Atom Z 3770 Baytrail T technology. My Voyo mini PC has an Atom Z3735F Baytrail T cpu chipset. So here is the excerpt from the article from Intel published yesterday: "Earlier this week, we released production microcode updates for several Skylake-based platforms to our OEM customers and industry partners, and we expect to do the same for more platforms in the coming days. We also continue to release beta microcode updates so that customers and partners have the opportunity to conduct extensive testing before we move them into production. Ultimately, these updates will be made available in most cases through OEM firmware updates. I can’t emphasize enough how critical it is for everyone to always keep their systems up-to-date. Research tells us there is frequently a substantial lag between when people receive updates and when they actually implement them. In today’s environment, that must change. According to the Department of Homeland Security’s cyber-emergency unit, US-CERT, as many as 85 percent of all targeted attacks1 can be prevented with – among other things – regular system updates. This is especially top-of-mind because new categories of security exploits often follow a similar lifecycle. This lifecycle tends to include new derivatives of the original exploit as security researchers – or bad actors – direct their time and energy at it. We expect this new category of side channel exploits to be no different. We will, of course, work closely with the industry to address these situations if and when they arise, but it again underscores the importance of regular system updates, now and in the future. Finally, while we continue to make progress, I recognize there is still more work to do. To our industry partners, I thank you again for your support and partnership as we advance through this process. We remain as committed as ever to addressing these issues and providing transparent and timely information." TRanslation? THey have only fixed their newest tech processors, the Skylake CPU sets. the rest will just have to wait. The whole article is on Intel's website here: https://newsroom.intel.com/news/security-issue-update-progress-continues-firmware-updates/ So you will have to go to your manufacturer support website downloads to get new patches for this and new firmware. Some companies support their products for one to ten years, others don't. So get Speccy and write down the CPU Info to research solutions for your system if not under warranty. I might also suggest you hold off on buying any new system or used until Intel has new chips out and in new computers without the hardware defects and vulnerabilities. I am lucky in that I was thinking it is close to upgrade time for me to get a new computer for both me and my wife. This time, unlike our last upgrades, she won't get a hand me down of my last system before I buy her a new system. Her Lenovo was one of the ones that was restarting or shutting down randomly in the middle of her using it. poof, her stuff she was working on was gone and she had to at least go back to the websites. The real solution is for Intel to pay to replace the defective chips on at least the newest ones or face a class action suit. Me I will be replacing mine as soon as I see they have fixed hardware in new models when they are for sale and nor before. Getting used is even less intelligent as the older stuff is not being prioritized. Or you can just ignore the whole thing until it is over. We'll see. Questions? Have a safe day computing!
  3. Looking into window options for the build, went to Home Depot and looked at small home windows with vinel frames. We don't want big ones, one would be the smallest available and the rest would be the next size i.e. No large windows, as I could she problems with those. But since we are building from scratch we can put those in. Instead of aluminum rv windows. Has any over done that or seen it done? Is it a bad idea due to window construction and road effects?
  4. We are looking for contact info of RV/trailer window manufacturers so we can buy replacement windows for our travel trailer. If you have suggestions, please reply. Thank you.
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