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Found 1 result

  1. Vegas Teacher

    1 year of ownership

    Well it has been Almost a year................... On March 9th, 2017 Vegas Flyer and I left from the airport here in Las Vegas and flew to Tampa Bay, we went to see a fellow named Ben about a Volvo 780 and then drove home with it. First I have to thank Flyer for taking the time and more than anything else having the patience to drive back home with me, even when I got moody after being in the cab of the truck on about the third day of the trip. Flyer has been with me every step of the way from teaching me how to drive, to how to avoid Lot Lizards and everything else in between. So to recap my journey and my first year of ownership>>>>>>>>> Flyer and I left on Thursday March 9th from McCarran International Airport here in Las Vegas on a Red Eye flight and we got into Tampa Florida at "O'Dark Thirty" on Friday March 10th 2017. Next we spend about 4 hours at a Denny's where we wait for Ben to come pick us up to go the truck. Well the Denny's is in an "interesting" part of town where we watch a local stumble, fall and empty the contents of his stomach on the ground. Ben finally gets there and go his bank first where I give him a check for the balance of the truck. After the check clears, we go to the Volvo dealership where the truck was getting prepped for the trip home. When we got to the dealership we found out there was an issue with the title and permit so we had to take a trip to get this issue settled, then permit, temp tag and title in hand we go back to Volvo. At about 1:00 p.m. we are on our way down the road again and to a local Walmart for supplies. We are now on the road and we stop to get gas and stay for the night at a Love's truck stop near the capital of Florida, Tallahassee and I get my first truck stop dinner and truck stop shower the next morning. At this point I am running around looking on the ground and behind corners trying to find something John is calling a lot lizard. I am thinking I am in Florida, so maybe it is some kind of reptile I can take back to Vegas and show the kids, (Yep Flyer has a demented sense of humor.) I have not logged any time behind the wheel yet, Flyer is still in the drivers position, I am half asleep. We head out, stop along the way at another Denny's and Flyer drives to Alabama. After eating Lunch at another Huge truck stop I get behind the wheel for the first time and away we go, some of you saw the Picture Flyer posted of me on the web looking rather tense and he wrote a humorous caption about me there also. Many of you kind people out there LOL Also added some colorful comments to that page in your replies. So we traveled on to Houston, and got there late that night. We stayed at a Loves, a couple of exits from Big 5er. Now I have to tell you the truth, John informs me we are going to stop in and see 5'er and my first thought is ARE YOU KIDDING, I had read his posts and I thought he is going to chew me up, spit me out and tell me everything I was doing wrong, my only ace in the hole was the Love's had a Denny's and I knew they had Dr. Pepper. Alright we are standing there at Denny's early in the morning waiting to meet Phil, up walks this guy all smiles and laughs. Full of stories and Jokes along with great advice. I was really happy to meet him, what a great person he turned out to be and somebody who, when he writes something I take note or notes and read / listen to what he has to say. Phil is a great person. So we travel from Huston into San Antonio for lunch at a Mom and Pop Hamburger joint and spend the night in El Paso at Yet another Loves, this is now Sunday night. We get there pretty late so I did not get to see town and Juarez Mexico as we came in late and it was very dark on Mexican side of the road. I will say this waking up the next morning and seeing where we were and the difference really made an impact on me! On one side of I -10 you have strip malls, neon lights, grocery stores, businesses hopes and dreams, on the other side of I - 10 you have a 3rd world country with shacks, crime and poverty. Until you see it, you don't understand it. I was truly shocked. Going from San Diego to Tijuana is completely different. We Travel from El Paso to Las Vegas on Monday and get into Las Vegas Late Monday night. We pull into the Father-in-Law's house around 11:00 p.m. My wife first sentence is "That is a huge F!@#$%G truck." I was expecting hello dear nice to see you, or I love the orange color. So at that point I was a little nervous. The next day I took her and the father in law for a ride in the truck, after that, they were O.K. So over the year I have put two new front tires on it, fixed the inner cooler, replaced all of the back shocks, replaced the back brakes and taken off the commercial 5th. I learned what a schrader valve was and what would happen if you lost all of your air in your tanks. I have also learned these are big boy toys and they cost a lot. I also know I could not do it without the help of Vegas Flyer and the support of my wonderful wife. I joke a lot about how she feels about the truck but she truly supports me and is O.K. with all that we do as long as the bank account agrees. I am not on Thin Ice with her and the truck as one person said in a response, and I have not yet ran into a soccer mom and her kids like another person said in a response, nor do I plan to. I still have a lot to learn and I know I will. I first have to embrace that getting this truck completed is a marathon not a foot race. I am still like a kid with a new toy on Christmas morning. I want to play with it now and I want it perfect now, I just have to slow down a little bit. I still have a lot of body work to do, and I have a lot of money to invest at this point I need new drive tires, in front I need new shocks and springs plus my truck is noticeably higher on the passenger side than the drivers side by about 6 to 8 inches as you look at the front of it. Flyer told me it had to do with the springs. I have all kinds of Ideas that want to do on the interior from removal of old broken pieces or upgrades. Still a year later I need to put in the After talking to a lot of you and meeting a hand full of people on the forum I know everybody is willing to share advice, pictures and videos. Once again Vegas Flyer went out of his way to help me and make it possible. I still owe him a lot. Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana