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Found 2 results

  1. grnberet18f

    Atwood Water Heater

    I have an Atwood water heater propane/electric GC6AA-10E. I'm not receiving a light on the display panel and the electric ignition doesn't work but the propane does. I've changed the ECO & TSTAT sensors. Still I get no panel light inside or electric ignition, only propane ignition. Anyone have an idea what my problem may be?
  2. I'm probably looking over something really stupid, but I can't seem to get my Triton outdoor portable heater to fire and I'm really due for a continuous shower (I can only live on Navy showers for sooo long). I've torn it completely apart and given it a good cleaning.. brushed all the contacts, checked for blockage in the propane lines, cleaned the burner, it's getting battery power, propane tank is 3/4 full and getting flow through the regulator. I didn't actually test the pressure from the reg, but I hooked it up to my catalytic heater and it seems to be flowing normally. I didn't think an ignitor would go bad, but I did check continuity on anode and leads and they checked out. The thermocoupler seems fine. It's been in use regularly for the past 3 years without a hiccup. I just can't get it to attempt an ignition. What am I missing here?