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Found 8 results

  1. New to the forum and looking for advice on additional 3rd party warranty. My wife and I are getting ready to go FT for a year with our daughter (4.5 yo) and travel all over the US. Yeah...to say we're excited is an understatement! We're extremely fortunate to be able to do this at this age with our daughter and can't wait for her to learn through doing as we travel. We're looking at a 2017 Tiffin Phaeton 40QKH with 9,900 miles on it which means ~1.5 yrs or 26K miles of warranty remaining from Tiffin. Given that we'll be FT for a solid year, likely 15K+ miles over that time, what do y'all think about additional warranty? I've researched a bit here and elsewhere. I've already received a coach only quote from Wholesale Warranty (thanks for the tips!) as well as Star RV quoted through the dealership finance department. Obviously the dealer gets a bit using their preferred warranty company. So if an additional warranty is going to cost $3-4K for 3-4 years of coverage, what do those of you with experience think? I can pocket the cash (in savings) for a rainy day or spend a bit for peace of mind. Any and all advice greatly appreciated!
  2. In the next couple weeks we will be taking delivery of our new 5th wheel. The dealer is pitching us on their extended warranty. I have heard that it is best to look at purchasing an extended warranty after the manufactures warranty expires and to purchase on the open market rather than through the dealer. Any words of wisdom or advise on this subject? Thanks, Kelly
  3. California resident considering Wholesale Warranties – why do they require an address in another state? I would like to hear from California Class C or Class A owners who have a Wholesale Warranties extended service plan. They require an out of CA address, and their explanation is complicated. They say they are not an insurance policy, where Good Sam and American Guardian do business as an insurance company in CA. They offer a competitive package. Just wondering if there is any additional risk with this arrangement, when we do not own any property outside of California. Thanks! Janet and Brian El Sobrante, CA 2017 Thor Chateau, Mercedes
  4. We bought a 2017 316RLS 5th wheel in September of 2016, our second RV in 3 years of fulltiming - first unit was used. As is typical, our new unit has several problems within the first warrantied year - ending in September 2017. Our dealer, LazyDays RV in Loveland, Co has a policy of servicing their new sales (sales prep) first and having warranty and repair customers leave their unit on the lot till they have the free time in their schedule to do the repairs. And would likely not get to our unit till sometime in July, with that not even promised. That would require us renting an apartment, month to month as well as staying in the area longer than intended. I called Highland Ridge, the manufacturer (now acquired by Jayco) and asked if we could get a mobile RV mechanic to do the repairs, and they reluctantly said that could be done if the dealer, LazyDays, would authorize the mechanic as a dealer and all work and parts would be submitted through the dealer. The dealer said they would not do that, as they had "no motivation" to have competing dealer/repairmen, and they would still be ultimately liable for the repairs. At this point, we are looking at paying for the repairs ourselves. Unless we can come up with some other solution. I have been pretty persistent with both the dealer and HR, but some of these repairs need to be done soon. Any creative ideas out there on how to get timely warranty work done? Highland Ridge will only accept warranty work through authorized dealers And I pass on to other full timers that your warranty on a new vehicle is worthless unless you have a second home to live in near the dealer. Any ideas out there on resolving this situation, other than forgetting the warranty and paying for the work ourselves?
  5. I am new to RVing and purchasing a used RV from a dealer. The unit I am purchasing is a 2015 model. The chassis is made by Chevy and has a 36,000/3 Year warranty. Given that it is a 2015 model I assume it has around two years left on the chassis warranty. However, when I did a CarFax search using the VIN it says it was manufactured in 2014 and when I go to the Chevy web site and request warranty information it indicates the warranty started April 2014 and ends April 2017. I raised the concern that the warranty starts in 2014 with the RV dealer. The RV dealer is telling me that RVs work differently as the chassis is often manufactured ahead of the motorhome and the warranty starts with the manufacture of the motorhome. He said the title and registration shows the motorhome was manufactured 2015 and the warranty for the chassis will start in 2015. Anyone able to confirm either way what the dealer is telling me?
  6. Are there 5th wheel dealers who do "mobile" warranty repairs in Houston/Beaumont, Texas or Lake Charles, LA area? I purchased a 5th wheel and it is under warranty, but to get warranty repairs I have to take it 3.5 hours away to the dealer (Toppers RV, Waller TX).... and I signed a paper that said I understood that "never dreaming" that 3 DAYS after the power was turned on the AC would shutdown and not work!! When I first contacted the salesman (Zach Randall) he was so helpful and understood I could not bring the unit to him, but now he will not return my calls or texts! So..... do I have any recourse or am I just SOL?? What do I do now? I recently purchased a 2016 Forest River Sandpiper 389RD from Toppers RV in Waller, TX. It was delivered 02/29/2016 and the power turned on about 12:00 pm 3/16/2016. On 3/17/2016, the AC unit would cycle off and on quickly several times, but then it was fine. I had been trying to figure out how to use the Dometic Dual Controller and I thought this was caused by something I had done or a setting I unknowingly changed. About 5:00 pm on 3/18/2016, the AC unit shutdown and the controller light went out! So Saturday I contacted my salesman, Zach Randall, and told him what was going on. He told me that my thermostat had gone out and I needed a new one. He also told me they are cheap so just find one locally and it will be easy to install. So I called around locally and found one for $120.00 and contacted him to find out if that was cheap for a thermostat. When I called him back he said they are ripping you off because they sold them for $40.00 and he would just send me one. He also gave me the name of the Forest River area representative (Wayne Bigler) and told me that he would even probably even come out to install it if I needed to call him Monday. On Monday, 3/21/2016, I contacted the forest river rep (Wayne Bigler) who was not really excited to hear from me and told me to call the local Forest River dealer. The local dealer does not do any "mobile" repairs. So I was called my salesman (Zach Randall) back who basically told me "Welcome to the RV world.... I know your situation and it sucks!" My situation is that I do not have a truck big enough to haul the RV yet! He is no longer returning my calls or texts....
  7. If you’re about to spend thousands of $$$ for a NEW RV, you may want to read this. I can’t go RV’ing because my 2014 HEARTLAND Wilderness leaks grey water all over the ground. I bought it NEW from CAMPING WORLD and have made 6 attempts to get the problem fixed, 4 of those attempts resulted in repairs being made, which have all failed. Two different RV shops refused to even attempt a repair. Camping World (multiple locations) keeps putting a band-aid on a fracture. The most recent of those 4 repairs they didn’t even connect the threaded coupling under the shower. Camping World only does repairs that Heartland will allow/approve. I have been fighting this battle with CW and HL for over a year now and it seems I have lost. “”As previously noted, CWRV Sales sold the RV “AS IS” and excluded from the sale all express or implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.””---David Partin, Camping World RV Sales. “Additional components which have been installed in the recreational vehicle, including but not limited to microwave ovens, ranges, refrigerators, leveling jacks, furnaces/heaters, generators, power converters, batteries, and other items not specifically manufactured by Heartland RV, LCC, are warranted by the component manufacturers as detailed in their individual manufacturers warranties, and are not covered by this Limited Warranty”--- excerpt from my Heartland owner’s manual. So between the two above “disclaimers” good luck getting your Camping World/Heartland RV repaired correctly under warranty. My warranty has now expired, while sitting at a Camping World location awaiting repairs, after having spent almost half its life in repair shops. Do your research, make your own decision and good luck RV’ing. Beware…Heartland makes, and Camping World sells a lot of brands. Items that have fallen off, broken, or failed: spare tire cover, holding tank drain cap, holding tank T-handle, TV mounting screws, rear bumper end cap, oven wouldn’t stay lit, exit door threshold, stabilizer mounting screws, shore power coupling mounting screws, kitchen sink drain plumbing, bathroom sink drain plumbing, external propane coupling, water heater wiring bundle, kitchen drawer, main entry door, main entry screen door, mattress collapsed, TV cable connector, shower faucet valves(both), SHOWER DRAIN PLUMBING LEAK, slide out leak while traveling. Oh yeah, it was still winterized upon delivery(no warning sticker) and the tires weren’t even aired up. If I only count 1 item failing per trip, then my brand new travel trailer has had a 100% failure rate. If this sounds like sour grapes, it is, because I have a brand new, at time of purchase, $20,000 RV that I can’t use and can’t get fixed. Thanks CAMPING WORLD and HEARTLAND for putting an expensive and disheartening impediment to my retirement. This entire process does have its humorous side. Someone from CW corp. “web response team” called and said, “we understand you are having some issues with your Mallard. I would like to address these issues about your MALLARD.” I have a Wilderness.
  8. I'm a fulltimer and have a friend who wants to buy a used Class A or C but doesn't have a ton to spend thus will be getting a bit older rig. Can she get a warranty if she buys from a private party? If so, please let me know where. Thanks
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