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Found 4 results

  1. Medicare is sold based upon the zip code of your permanent address. I assume this is the domicile address? We purchased a Supplemental Plan that allows us to go to doctors anywhere. I recently received a letter from Medicare stating... Medicare understands that you may need to live away from your home for part of the year, however you may live somewhere else for up to 12 months in a row. In other words, the assumption is that you must return to your permanent home after that. This doesn't exactly fit with the Full Time RVing lifestyle. Has Escapees addressed this? How do other full-timers on Medicare deal with this?
  2. If you have read my Medicare for RVers page then you know that I generally do not recommend Medicare Advantage plans for fulltime RVers because of the network restrictions associated with these plans. Instead I usually recommend Medicare Supplement insurance plans, also know as Medigap insurance for fulltime RVers as they provide excellent nationwide coverage with little-to-no out of pocket expenses to the insured other than your monthly plan premium. However, there is one exception to this: Medical Savings Account (MSA) plans for Medicare enrollees. Although this is a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan (Also called Medicare Part C) it does not have the same network restrictions that is typical of MA or MAPD plans. In fact, the one I am recommending allows you to see any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. Until now these plans have not been available. Starting October 15, 2018 we will have one available for January 1 effective dates! There are NO NETWORKS to worry about with this plan so you are free to receive care wherever you want to nationwide. As long as the provider participates with Medicare then you are always considered in-network! Oh, and it will be a $0 premium plan Details here at RVer Insurance Exchange
  3. Hello. Looking for input to settle my brain on this. I am turning 65 in Sept. and must now decide either Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan. I just enrolled in a Humana PPO plan that says any doctor, and I would need to pay more for treatment out of network, but I could use one out of network. What worries me is how much this may limit me while traveling. Will every doctor accept this Humana Medicare Advantage plan? I am a 2 year full timer and have had Florida Blue Select under the ACA, and it has been fine. Now this Medicare concerns me. Or should I cancel this enrollment and just go with Original Medicare for best selection of doctors nationwide? How much actually is my 20% copay on a real basis for doctor visits, etc? And what about the ER? I know I can go to an urgent care and that copay is reasonable. X-Rays, MRI.... does anyone know what I would have to pay for my 20%? I have talked with several insurance agents. And they of course are selling their plans. Hence, I hope someone here can shine a light on this for me. I cannot afford a supplement on top of the Part B premium that will be coming out of my SS check. This is why I am asking Original Medicare or Advantage PPO. I don't have any chronic medical issues and I don't take any prescriptions. Thanks to anyone who can help me think straight here.
  4. I currently reside (leased "sticks and bricks") in the Naples, Florida area... so I am already a "Florida resident" and have my domicile here. I am considering going fulltime RV about July of next year, and see no reason that I wouldn't want to continue maintaining Florida as my domicile. But, as always, the devil is in the details... 1.) As I begin full-timing, I will necessariy no longer maintain a "sticks and bricks" residence here. My thought is to contact a mail-forwarding firm such as St. Brendan's Isle here in Florida and "move" from my existing Naples address to their physical address (in a different Florida county) as my Florida domicile and for forwarding services. Vehicle registration, insurance, etc would also be relocated to the forwarder's address. It's a process, but not a terribly complicated one. 2.) By reason of a disability, I am eligible for Medicare before age 65 and currently am on original Medicare and purchase a Humana "High Deductible Plan F" supplement policy that works very well for me. Such policies (for pre-65 Medicare users) are not available in all locations (especially out of Florida), and certainly not at the reasonable prices offered here. I have already verified that the same Humana High-Deductible Plan F supplement is available to me at the St Brendan's Isle physical location (at an even lower price than I currently pay), so once again I should simply be able to "move" from Naples to the St. Brenda's Isle physical address and notify the insurance company of my "move". MY CONCERN IS THIS: How many of you Medicare users (older or younger than 65) with supplement plans have done a similar thing. Has anyone been questioned by their insurance carrier about all virtually all claims coming from out of state, etc? My understanding is that it makes no difference at all... so long as your "residence"/domicile is in a location where the policy is sold and you pay the bill, it's all good, right?.. one of the wonderful things about Medicare!. This is a key point for me. Would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this, especially anyone involved in the Medicare supplement business... Thanks! GoodolDan
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