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Found 6 results

  1. I've been looking at mail services for full-timers and know most people here recommend Escapees, but the website seems to lack the answers to several questions other mail service websites answer. For instance: If you receive a check, will they deposit it for you? (Most services offer this.) How many recipients can you have at your Escapees address? (Most allow 2-6.) If they allow more than one, can one of those be a business name? Or will that cost extra? (Most include.) The scanning service seems to indicate it's an additional $10/month, but another place says scans are 50c/page. Is it $10/month + 50c/page? Is mail recycled or securely shredded? I want to support Escapees, but if I'm reading the webpages right, it appears the service is twice the price of their competitors with half the perks. What am I missing?? Help convince me! (I've been comparing to Traveling Mailbox, ScanMailboxes, AnytimeMailbox, TexasHomebase and iPostal1.)
  2. Spoke with the Escapees mail room this morning. They are currently shut down due to the hurricane flooding in and around Houston. It sounds like US Postal service, UPS, and Fedex in Houston are all closed because of the flooding so Escapees can't very well forward anything through the Houston facilities. The Escapees folks advise that they are going to wait until Wednesday and see what the situation is and will send out notifications via email and/or Facebook to advise what may be done with the mail.
  3. Our house is on the market in New Mexico. We had assumed we'd declare domicile in Texas as soon as it's sold, but the more I research, the more complications I'm finding. We're self-employed and in our 40's and thus dependent upon ACA health plans. One downside to TX is our coverage will be worse for a much greater cost. My wife has a lease on an office through the end of the year in NM and we'd also greatly prefer to keep our storage unit in NM, which will make it difficult to be safe from NM still claiming us even if we do everything else in TX (driver's license, vehicle reg, bank, mailing address, register new business). So for now we're going to stick with NM. My question is, if we use a mail forwarding service such as Escapees with a TX address, is that going to start a whole chain of events with TX expecting us to register our vehicles, have to switch to a TX health plan, etc? I'm feeling like we're gonna get snapped in two with NM and TX tugging on us if we use a TX mail service.
  4. Nomad Hiker

    What mail is worth forwarding?

    I read things under mail forwarding, but didn't find anything related to this. I know I don't want junk mail forwarded, but is it worth it to get a couple of magazines forwarded or is it best to just cancel the subscription and buy them? I figure it will take about $1.75 at the least to forward a magazine(less than the cost), but there might also be a charge for oversize items. I was looking at the mail service plans A, B, & C. Plan B seems the most beneficial. Yes/No? Advice please & thanks!
  5. Wow! We are almost there. 7 weeks to go before FT! We've read a ton of articles and posts about domicile options and steps, the Escapees articles have been great. We have decided to actual domicile in Bushnell Florida and that will be our first stop after retiring. We will be using Escapees for the mail service and have the Texas 'main' mail address and the Florida 'legal' address. I know that vehicle registrations need to have the Florida (vs. Texas Escapee general mail address). For tax and domicle purposes should all income type addresses also be Florida (i.e. Social Security, Annuities, retirement checks)? What have you done? Thanks! Almost there... i apologize if this has already been answered - but I couldn't find it doing a search. Trippin' Jeff @ RVBuiltForTwo
  6. EDIT: Since the majority of the replies deal with the A/B license, I'll state here what I should have in the first place: our MH rating is 22,000#. The way I understand Texas requirements, that means a standard license, not A/B. Thanks, I knew I should have included that info but somehow it got lost when I edited and re-edited the post. Hi, we're new SKP members and preparing to launch full time next month if our house buyers don't back out of the contract (that's a whole other story). We have very flexible travel plans and my job permits me to live near any of more than 100 cities. We're planning to head to Livingston after launching from Arkansas, and I'm wondering how long you'd recommend staying there to complete our SKP mail setup and vehicle/driver's license registration there in Livingston. We were planning to start out near friends in Weatherford, TX but thought it would be easiest to swing through Livingston first and get everything done in person. I want to be sure I budget the right amount of time to get everything done so that we can get started on our full time adventure.