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Found 38 results

  1. Back on the Bayou

    After crossing into Arkansas on Hwy 93 we moved onto Pocahontas, Jonesboro and took Hwy 49 south to avoid Memphis and wound up the night at West Helena Arkansas. It was a long six hour day for us but we have been setting all summer in Missouri and wanted to find warm weather before we slowed down. Read More:
  2. Echo Bluff State Park, MO

    Echo Bluff at first site looks like a resort on the Current River near Round Springs. We have found Wi-Fi and Cell to be great. The camp sites are all concrete pads and brand new. They say there are wild horses roaming here but we have not seen them yet. It is beautiful, lots of trees around the campground, but being new: Read More
  3. Swan Lake NWR

    We are finding out we don’t like Missouri so much in the summer. Not that its not a beautiful place but it is hotter than hell. Don’t mind a little warm weather but day after day keeps us inside and we don’t get as much activity.Read More
  4. Kickapoo Caverns State Park

    Anyone been to this park? Looking for some incite to what to expect here?
  5. Looking for Camping Spots?

    IM looking for BLM sites on HY 54 in NM. Would appreciate GPS Co-ordinates for locations that can handle a 40' rig....
  6. Toad Oil Change!

    I am curious about oil change shops. Synthetic oil change is from 60 to 80 dollars for an oil change? Regular oil what ever that is, is 40 dollars? Can someone tell me the difference in oils changes? I can buy five quarts of Synthetic oil for 20 dollars??
  7. Air Conditioner

    I have never been in the desert before. Humidity is from 10 to 20 present. My air conditioner does a good job but there is no water dripping out of it?
  8. Big Bend State Park?

    Is there long term full hook ups at Big Bend If so how much? And what locations?
  9. Pull Down TV?

    I have taken out my huge old TV over the dash and mounted a wall mount Flat Screen. Now I would like to find some ideas to create the ability to pull that TV down into eye level when setting. Any Thoughts?
  10. Silverton Train?

    We want to get on the round trip on May 8th. Can we just walk in and get tickets? Is it a slow time of year? Can we get tickets a day or two in advance? If we have to make a reservation how do we know where we want to sit? What type of car? If we don't make it can we get another date or money back? And help here would be appreciated?
  11. Hueco Tanks State Park

    Lois has found a recipe for cooking Cactus!! So the way I figure it we can survive here in the desert for a very long time. Because every bush seems to have thrones on it. Hueco Tanks is a very different place from anywhere we have been. The Rangers here at the park are very knowledgeable about plants and animals, and they love to show and tell. Read more:
  12. Looking for Boondocking spots?

    We are headed out the end of the month form El Paso up the west side of NM and CO to the north west corner of UT. I am hoping someone might email me with some exact GPS quadrants for spots along my route. homelesshartshorns@gmail.com If anyone is interested in such spots on the Texas Coast I have some to offer! PS: Im looking for spots I can get a large motor home in and out of.
  13. Mud and Snows

    On my Class A 37' do I want mud and snows? Back in the day I used steering tires on a tractor to find out that they wore out faster than mud and snows. I assume steering tires all around would be better traction for wet roads! But off road I would need mud and snows? I assume there rougher riding but last longer? Any thoughts?
  14. Colorado National Monument

    Is either of the roads into the park as daring as they look on Google Earth to get a Large Motorhome and toad into?
  15. New Mexico HWYS looking for incite!

    Considering traveling from Silver City, NM North to the Four Corners area. Hwys 180, 12, 32, 36, 602, 491. I am hoping to clear this route with you guys. If any one has incite on any part of this trip I would be appreciated. Trip is in April!
  16. El Pasio, Texas

    We left out of Davis Mountain ahead of a day with high wind warnings. Got started early and headed onto Van Horn and run into an afternoon of high wind 35 to 45 mph with 60 mph gust and dust, lots of dust out here. I’m not sure its considered a “Dust Storm” but we hunkered down for the night. Lots of open spaces in West Texas and it don’t take much wind to ruin my day. But on the up side Van Horn has trains that blow their horns a few times as they come though town. Read More:
  17. Welding on my Rig?

    I been told that when doing welding on my rig I need to disconnect the batteries! Does the Salesmen switch do that good enough?
  18. Davis Mountain State Park

    The Mountains have more trees in the valleys than the basin has, and some of the trees are huge. Grant Trees, Rio Grande Cottonwoods and Emory Oaks. Picnic areas along the hwy are fabulous, with concrete tables and huge volcanic rocks towering over head. Fort Davis is pretty much a tourist trap, but if you get out on the back streets and see the real town its pretty wild westerly. The park itself is in a deep valley with lots of trees. We haven’t really seen trees much since we left Goose Island. In the park there is no phone service or OTA TV, but cable is offered. Internet is only at one location. Read More:
  19. Help me Im Cold!

    Other than the paranoia about leaving your gas furnace on over night! Is there an thoughts at to gas consumption in regard to leaving the furnace on at say 70* all night, having it cycle off and on, as apposed to getting up to a cool house and having it run for an hour or so to warm up the house? I am speaking about night time temps down to freezing!
  20. West of the Pecos River

    Ok we left out of Seminole Canyon in the fog and the day cleared up about an hour after we got going. Lots of interesting Hills, Butts, Mesas and Mountains. Hwy 90 is a good road across South West Texas. Didn’t always have phone service but for the most part coverage is good. Gas can be outrageous such as in Langtry but for the most part its only running a few cents higher than on the interstate. Read More:
  21. Del Rio, Texas

    Trying our luck at Dry camping near Amistad Reservoir, just west of Del Rio. We are taking advantage of the cool weather to walk in the surrounding area and jumping up deer. Lot of brush out there that will stick you if your not careful. Read More:
  22. Goose Island Texas 2017

    Been doing a lot of bike riding this month and I must say we are getting much better each time we go out. I still feel like Tim Conway getting up on the seat and getting started, but after I have moved just a few feet I feel like Michael J. Fox when e stands up on Ice Skates. Read More:
  23. Goose Island State Park, Texas 2016

    Our second year at Goose Island, not much has changed here. We have gotten interested in bird watching, because this is the first park we have had a Bird Host, and they were our neighbors. Its always interesting to hear someone talk about topics that they have a passion for. Read More:
  24. Fort Davis, tx

    HY 118 out of Fort Davis back to HY 10 is this an ok trip for a blind man driving an over weight 90' motorhome pulling mother in law quarters?