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Found 7 results

  1. my My wife and I are residents in England and will start touring again in your fine country from around the 8th April 2019. We are both fit and able bodied and have no pre-existing medical issues (At the moment!!) my questions are: 1) Does health insurance when purchased through the Escapees Club only cover the State of Texas or can it give us coverage for all states in the USA? 2) What would the average costs be for both my wife and I to purchase a standard policy and would it cover dental care? Thank you for your time and we would appreciate any information Kind regards Clive and Pam
  2. While we are blessed with being Federal Retirees and have 'portable' health care, we realize that a lot of our fulltime brothers and sisters are not so fortunate Just saw this In the new Escapees newsletter and wanted to make sure the word got out so you can see if it will work for you! health Care.pdf
  3. Hi everyone, This is my first ever "discussion forum". My wife and I live in California (yes, I admitted it!) and are trying to find a way to "get out". We are interested in downsizing our house and expenses. We would like to start the RV life in a travel trailer, but would also like to buy a small house that we can afford in case the RV life doesn't work out for us, we would then have a home to go back to. Texas keeps coming up in our research as the "place" to go. We are both over 60 yo but not old enough to qualify for Social Security and Medicare yet. So we don't want to go without medical coverage. Does Texas have medical care for low income adults and if so, is there a "time" requirement to be living in the state before you can qualify for it?
  4. I'm consolidating. Too difficult to maintain multiple forum postings: ObamaCare Repeal Act (HR 175) Overview
  5. Has anyone signed up for virtual health care? I can get prescriptions filled anywhere but I can't find a doctor who will write the prescriptions. My primary care doctor will not write prescriptions for longer than 90 days. Since I typically move to a new campground every week, that just doesn't work. I'm looking to find a way to get my annual physical on-site somewhere, such as Livingston, then use virtual visits the rest of the year. Problem is I can't find anyone who offers this. I think I remember reading that Escapees is considering negotiating a contract but I can't remember where/when I saw it. Anyone had any success?
  6. On August 1st, RVerInsuranceExchange.com opens as a partnership between Escapees & RVer Health Insurance. See announcement RVerHealthInsurance.com
  7. Tom Philpott has another of his great articles where he gets rid of the gobbeldygook and tells us in plain language what the legislation means. Excerpt: Commission: Offer Choices and See Compensation Costs Fall "The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission is urging President Obama to endorse and Congress to enact sweeping changes to military health insurance and retirement options to “empower” service members to make choices that would drive down compensation costs. The panel’s final report makes 15 recommendations that, if fully implemented, would cut personnel spending for the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs by $12 billion a year. The most surprising idea is to replace the triple-option TRICARE program for military families and working-age retirees with a selection of commercial health insurance plans. On retirement, current force members could stay under their High-3 plan. But the commission forecasts 40 percent of them, if given a chance, would replace that plan offering no benefits before 20 years’ service with a “blended” plan that lowers annuities for careerists but offers some retirement savings to the 83 percent of service members who leave short of 20 years. That menu of health insurance offerings to the military would be similar to the Federal Employees Health Benefits Insurance Program (FEHBP) for civilians. Indeed the Office of Personnel Management, which administers FEHBP, would also run the military plans. But rather than saddle active duty families with the same costs paid by civilians – roughly 28 percent as premiums – they would receive a new two-part Basic Allowance for Health Care (BAHC) to cover at least most of their new health insurance costs. One part would be paid to the selected insurance plan directly and cover member premiums for an average-priced plan. Part two of BAHC, to cover co-pays and deductibles, would go to members to use as they choose. The intent of those dollars is to incentivize military families to be careful consumers of health care. They are not today, the report says. TRICARE Prime users, for example, make 55 percent more outpatient visits than do civilians enrolled in HMOs who have to cover co-pays out of pocket. Participating insurance plans would have to include military treatment facilities in their provider networks. Patients and plans would be enticed to use on-base care with offers of reduced co-pays and fee reimbursements, particularly for complex medical cases that keep wartime skills sharp. TRICARE administrative costs are excessive, the report says, and yet too many beneficiaries don’t get timely care or quality care. Also, TRICARE provider networks have coverage gaps because contractors set physician fees too low. Relying on commercial insurance would improve access, speed referrals for specialty care, save millions of dollars in administrative costs and leave beneficiaries more satisfied, the commission predicts." The whole article, and yes there is much more, is here: http://militaryadvantage.military.com/2015/01/military-compensation-commission-recommendations/
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