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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am new to this forum and Escapees and glad to be getting some great information here. I am planning on buying an RV (motorhome, not trailer) in the spring once we sell the big house and downsize. I will be doing lots of trips on my own of at least a few months at a time, as hubby is not that interested. I have seen so many people on the forums who have older RVs as in 15 or 20 years old--including solo women travelers. I just wondered what your experiences were as I am trying to decide what age RV to buy. I would definitely lay less out of pocket on an older rig, but are they really worth it? Do they break down easily and turn into money pits? I am leaning more toward a 3 to 5 year old rig that has been taken good care of, but would really like to know others experience with older motorhomes. Thanks.
  2. Hello all! We aren't sure if there was an official update or not, so we thought we should post here and "officially" update about the stolen RV. https://awesomesauceadventure.com/2016/06/30/update-found-and-lost-and-what-now/ The RV was recovered, but it was TRASHED. Everything of any value at all was taken (the ends of electrical wires, a seat cushion, literally anything worth more than a dollar), and whatever wasn't taken was destroyed. We are working with National General insurance now. A big bummer is that the theft insurance only covered $3000.00 worth of items stolen. That didn't even cover the DVD collection we had with us. SO, a word of caution! CHECK YOUR THEFT COVERAGE! Make sure when you talk to someone, and they assure you that you have "full coverage" you find out what that means. Exactly. They rig is now sitting at Camping World Las Vegas, waiting to be looked at. It has been there for a couple of weeks now. They are very busy, and haven't even evaluated the rig yet, which is frustrating. Again, check with your coverage, and MAKE SURE that your rig is covered for something like theft and damage, and FIND OUT where they will tow it in the event of any damage. CW doesn't do a lot (or any?) real engine work. Our ignition was stripped and needs to be fully replaced, which is something CW doesn't do. The rig was driven with the EBrake still in place, again, not something CW looks at. So, be informed before you hit the road. Other than that, we are in the "hurry up and wait," part of the process. Thank you SO MUCH for all of the support from the community! It means so much to us to know we weren't, and aren't, alone on the road! Be careful out there.
  3. We just posted a blog asking anyone for help to learn the true cost of RV installation. We're not technically savvy enough to install panels ourselves, yet we don't want to pay someone as much for installation as we paid for our entire solar system. We have a decent amount of money budgeted for this process, but we want as much of it as possible to go into our solar needs—and not an installer's pocket. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge of how much this might cost us? Thanks for your help, boondockers. We hope to join you starting Feb. 29.
  4. I researched a proposed rule change announced Monday by HUD. The goal was to differentiate between RVs and mobile homes. But some are concerned about a separate passage that reiterates motorhomes and travel trailers are for recreational uses and not to become someone's primary residence. I hope to follow up with a lot of stakeholders to learn what, if any, impact this change has, if approved. Feel free to read what I know so far based on a little research: http://youngfulltimers.com/federal-government-pushing-for-disclaimers-discouraging-full-time-rv-living/ Will enjoy hearing what folks think so far...outside of the handful of public comments already submitted electronically.
  5. Many SKPs have asked me to write an eBook about Healthcare & the RV Lifestyle (available at all major eBookstores). Those of you familiar with my books about the RV lifestyle, know I have been fulltiming for 19 years, so I have plenty of experience with issues on the road. Healthcare, though, caught me by surprise. I had no idea it was so complicated. There is a simple answer though, actually two answers, about how to ensure that no matter where you travel in the USA, you can have confidence that your coverage is there. This applies only to those of you entitled to Medicare. If that date is coming up for you, it is important that you know the plan ahead of time. It can save you quite a bit of money. Those of you under 65, however, have a more difficult situation. Unfortunately I cannot offer any suggestions there, but direct you to the Wheeling-It.com blog. I borrowed part of Nina's healthcare post for the introduction to my book so I could offer some direction to the younger set. Be well, Margo Armstrong Blog: MovingOnWithMargo.com Website: RVLifestyleExperts.com
  6. We are trying to aggressively post to our new blog, Young Fulltimers.com. We are using all the basic social media to promote our postings, but we still need people to find us. We know there are plenty of young full-time RV travelers who would appreciate news relevant to them. Help us reach those people! We'd love to learn what other webmasters are doing to get exposure to their hard work! Thanks all.
  7. After a few years of thinking, we have decided to go full time and sell everything. Since we will not have a home anywhere, I am under the impression that South Dakota is the only option for us to set up residency. Do you have to have a home in Florida or Texas in order to become a resident? Our house just went on the market and my husband plans to retire in January 2015. I would love to hear anyone's advice. Laurie
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