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Found 3 results

  1. Now that I have some of the have to's out of the way - still got to do tires but I have a person who can get me new tires for 300.00 a piece - yes they are chines but at 300.00 a tire mounted and balanced with tax I am good with that. That is a spring project. Anyway I am now looking to some of the fun projects. I am going to hook up with Vegas Flyer to do the wiring for brakes and trailer lights. I am wondering if anybody has done any work in putting in an converter in the semi for shore power, to charge the batteries and to run stuff off of if you are bob tailing across country. We stayed at an RV park in just our Semi one night and I would have liked to have been able to hook up to shore power and run a space heater in my rig. Also what are some other things I should start looking at now? I want to keep up on stuff, and in February I am going to take a CDL class here in Vegas. I figure if I get the CDL I won't have any more questions or possible bad situations. When you take the CDL class you have to use one of the semi's owned by the school. They are all 13 speed Eaton Fuller Transmission and I have to back the semi through a slalom with a 53 foot trailer while operating a standard transmission. Anyway anything you guys can tell me I really appreciate. learning from you pro's is valuable and maybe next year I will make the west coast rally. Speaking of Rallies how about one in Las Vegas some time? Our community is healing but it might be a positive way to bring people back into our city. Vegas is a really big small town. If you get off of the strip and away from the casino's you start to see it. Hope all of my friends on the forum are doing well! Have fun in my home state at the ralley, I am there iwht you in spirity. Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana
  2. Ok, I've read everything that I could get my hands on regarding house batteries and 12v systems. I'm currently living full time (as of October 27) in a 1992 Mallard Sprinter that I bought used off of Craigslist. I have attended the Escapees Bootcamp, and thought that I had gotten my answer, but now I'm confused again. Should I be able to charge my phone in one of the 110 outlets from the house batteries? Or will they only run the 12v lights? I have no RV experience, and I'm not super handy when it comes to home/auto maintenance. I'm trying to learn, and forums have been super helpful. My basic question is: what can I expect to run off my house batteries? The reason I'm asking is because I've had quite the adventure trying to make sure that all of my systems were working properly, and some have influenced others, as you can imagine. When we first purchased the coach, the owner walked me through the systems, and I figured that it was mostly all common sense. I may have been a little starry eyed at the idea of finally finding a rig in my price range, available in the timeframe in which I required it. So everything *appeared* to be working. Once we hit the road, we spent the first weekend at a state park with electrical and water hookups -- learning how all that worked the first time was easy. Even had no issue dumping black and gray water the first time. Then we finally hit the open road, and had to spend one night in a Walmart parking lot. Much to my surprise, nothing seemed to be able to run off the house batteries. No lights, no water, nothing. To further complicate matters, I couldn't get the generator to start. So I thought there was an issue with the genny, and made an appointment to get it looked at. We continued our trip, confining our stays to places that had hookups. Over the course of time, and online research, I read that the engine alternator should be charging the house batteries, as well as shore power. Since we've been driving for a week, and hooking up to shore, I thought that the battery MUST be charged, and tried it again. No luck, but on a whim I tried to start the generator again. Chugging for a bit adn then VROOM it starts! Scratching my head and shrugging my shoulders, I cancel the appointment to have the genny looked at. It has not been a problem since, but I still don't understand the battery situation. It appears to be new, but I haven't gotten it tested yet. I'm far from home, and not even sure where or how to get it tested. An RV tech checking out my furnace touched it with a 12v tester and it lit up, so I'm guessing there is power in there. I should mention that the panel of lights that shows the charge level of the battery, as well as the fill level of our tanks is also on the fritz. When plugged into shore power, it shows the battery at full charge, but the moment we unplug it shows "L" which I'm guessing means Low = discharged. Sorry this post got so long, I'm hoping someone out there will take the time to read it and answer my question. Will the plugs in the rig work off the batteries? or only while plugged into shore power or off the generator?
  3. Progressive Dynamics "Intellipower" 12V 45 Amp, Charger/Converter. Purchased September 2014, used 3 months, before installing Solar in my RV. Worked perfectly. Under warranty until 9/2016. Has remote pendant to change charging cycle manually if want to. This is an upgrade from the standard chargers in most RV's. Sells for $200 new on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Progressive-Dynamics-PD9245CV-Converter-charge/dp/B000GANZZ6/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1434315976&sr=1-1&keywords=intellipower+pd9245C Free tracked shipping to you in US - $100 See Craigslist Denver ad which has picture and lists it at $75 (for local pickup) http://denver.craigslist.org/rvs/5074400517.html Seven one nine 671-2665
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