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Found 8 results

  1. We have a Brake Buddy for Sale. $400 with remote. We live in Arizona. imaginethatsr@gmail.com
  2. I put brand new brake assemblies, wheel bearings/races on my camper. I had better half hit the brake peddle before putting the newly turned brake drums back on. On both brakes, left side the magnet worked great, grabbed the screwdriver tight. Good, electro magnet works as advertised. Assembled left side including new LT tires. Right side, performed same routine. Only thing I noticed, both axles, the magnets also energized, good, but both had a buzz to them. I did not notice this on the left side. Any ideas why one side buzzes and the other does not? I looked at the wiring, each axle, ie front and back shared the same connection coming out of the camper so I would think if one side does it, so should the other side. Side to side, each pair of brakes are on the same wire. My reason for the completed change/re-do, the brakes/drums were a little worn, un-evenly. Also, when adjusting the brake controller in the cab going down the hiway, I noticed if I got too high on the numbers, the camper kinda oscillated fore/aft rapidly. I expected it to brake hard, but not shake us up. Is that normal when the adjustment is too high? We are planning to start using this camper in a few weeks, I'm just trying to get everything worked out before we start, rather do it in driveway than on hiway...LOL I expected it to need work done when we bout it, it is a 2002 model. Looks like new but is not new so picked it up willing to do necessary repairs. We plan on using this one for 2-3 years then sell/buy a new one when better half retires. :o)
  3. In the never ending debate between LGTs and HDTs, there was a reference some time ago to a blog by someone who experienced an absolute nightmare trying to survive a mountain grade in a pickup truck while pulling a fifth wheel. I remember they spent much of the afternoon part way down letting the brakes cool and then crept on down, finding out later that their brakes were completely destroyed. I'd like to pass this on to a newbie friend, but I haven't been able to find it, even though I've searched back over four years. I'm sure someone smarter than me can point the way.. TIA, Jay
  4. This showed up on the FMCA Forum yesterday: http://community.fmca.com/topic/11170-potential-safety-issue-with-thor-class-a-coaches/ The MH in the topic is a 45' tag axle 2015 Thor Tuscany 45AT. The problem is the frame is far to close the the brakes and is rubbing on the air brake actuator. Could cause the brake to fail. The original poster is concerned the problem may be on other Tuscany models.
  5. So for those of you who have Volvo's what electric braking systems have you bought for your trailers? On my Tundra I have a Prodigy electric braking system is a prodigy product? Is that what I am looking for on my semi?
  6. Yesterday was such a BEAUTIFUL day (not). We are getting ready to head up to Northern Indiana Monday. Doing my pre-trip inspection, I poked my head under the front of the Volvo to check the brake adjustment and noticed what appeared to be a brake shoe that had popped lose from a rivet - there was an obvious space between the metal part of the shoe and the lining. Now, I did not consider this to be a good thing....... Remember I am pretty much a leftie right now and can't do any heavy lifting, pulling, pushing or tugging with my right arm (broke June 13)..... so that immediately ruled out my taking off a 200# wheel, tire and brake drum to take a closer look. Sooooo.... it was off to the Volvo shop to see what they could do. Rewind a moment. Before I crawled under the truck to take my first look I laid my iPhone on the front fender so it wouldn't get damaged as I scooted in on the blacktop driveway. Nancy had gone out shopping earlier and as she was pulling in the driveway I hollered to her that I was off to the Volvo shop to check on the brakes. The iPhone (I forgot) was still sitting on the front fender. Once I got to the Volvo shop I was told yes they had the parts, but no, they were backed up in the shop and it would be Monday before they could get to me. That's when I reached for my iPhone and realized it was on the front fender of the truck. Immediate visions of a squashed phone ran through my mind. Worse yet, I had no way to call Nancy to see if maybe it had safely fallen off in the driveway (where the heck are payphones these days?). I bought the brake parts (drums & shoes) and decided to head over to the T/A just up the road hoping they could put them on - if not, I would have to solicit help from my son or grandson at home. They had no one in the service bays and could change of the brakes like right now. One hour labor - bringing parts was OK. Sounds like a deal to me! The drums were $179 each and the brake kits $43 each with a $39 core charge at Volvo. Yes, I returned the cores. I possibly could have gotten Mack parts to fit my Meritor front end for less money - but I didn't have time to go shopping. After the truck was jacked up and the front tires were off the mechanic comes over to me and asks me to come back into the shop to look at "something". He shows me the right front tire.... there is a big fist size chunk of rubber missing from the tread. I vaguely remember running over an unidentifiable hunk of metal in the road coming back from Florida in April. Why I did not notice or feel the damage to the tire is a mystery to me (guess it was at the bottom of the tire when parked). As everyone knows, you don't replace just one front steer tire, if one gets damaged you replace both of them. So, a new set of rubber goes on the front of the Volvo. The had a "tire sale" but add in the Federal Excise Tax, sales tax, mounting, balancing and valve stems and it doesn't seem like much of a sale. At least they bought back my one still good used front tire for almost enough to pay for the add-on charges. I'm still thinking about my iPhone. All the pictures, apps, phone contacts, etc. Why didn't I recently back it up to the cloud? What's a new one going to cost me? Can't call Nancy to tell her what is going on! A few hours later with a new set of front steer tires and brakes I head home - all the time scanning the highway for a crushed piece of plastic. I finally pull in the driveway and look around - Nada, nothing, no iPhone to be found. As I walk into the house I comment to Nancy that I need to go to Verizon and get a new phone. She replies, "Oh, I found it in the driveway but couldn't call you because you didn't have your phone." At least one thing turned out OK...... well, maybe all three - the damaged tire may have been OK but I wasn't going to chance it - they were 5 years old and about due for replacement anyway. The brakes also might have worked just fine for many thousands of more miles. But, for piece of mind I know a potential set of problems has been avoided. It's always something, isn't it . Now, I think I better take the time to back up the iPhone to the Cloud - if I can remember the password!
  7. thinking over building my own fifth, and wondering what the down sides are of going straight air brakes, maybe on light commercial style axles. Upside: Commercial parts All air, no converter systems Maybe have air ride suspension with it Downside: Resale? Lgt truck could not pull, but maybe trailer too heavy for that anyway I could not tow trailer to get parts with my pickup while building until i bought a hdt
  8. We've been fulltiming for almost a year in a 2005 32' Hitchhiker 5W. I would estimate the prior owner put between 30K to 50K miles on it in his 10 years, and we have put another 8K on it this year. We mostly boondock, so we slowly go over dirt roads, some of which are a bit rutty. I've been wondering if I should replace the shocks on this unit? Any thoughts. Also, thinking of having the wheel bearings repacked and trailer brakes inspected, as the trailer brake adjustment has to be all the way to 10 for it to work well. Could I get some opinions as to what chasis work makes sense, and where one might take a unit like this to have work done? I do all the routine maintenance, but don't have the equipment or inclination to do chasis work myself. Thanks. Charlie
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