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Found 12 results

  1. 1990 Ford Econoline E350 Super Van Conversion (New transmission, brakes and tires) Hi, we are very sad to sell our beloved camper van "Big Bertha" because we are leaving the country. We bought her in Carlsbad, California in March 2019 and we will arrive during the first week of August in Anchorage, Alaska. She served us very well in our road trip from LA to Anchorage. She is the perfect little home on wheels: super spacious, comfy and very reliable. Hopefully, she can find a new owner pretty soon. This is what you need to know about her: For the guys: - V8 7.5 liter petrol engine (runs great) - 2 RWD with high clearance - 2 gas tanks (2x 18 gallons) - 1 ton haul - milages: 65K accoriding to the 5-digit odometer, but more likely 165K - VIN 1FTHS34G8LHB83630 - Clean title - includes bull bar, roofrack and spare tire - automatic transmission has been fully rebuilt in March 2019 (150K or 3-year guarantee) - brakes (font and back) and shocks (front) have been replaced in March 2019 - new set of tires (Goodyear Wrangler Trailmark LT265/75R16) in April 2019 - new starter in May 2019 - maintenanced regularly - Sportsmobile look - marine battery chargeable by car battery/alternator. 400W inverter (DC to AC) is included so you can charge any appliance (laptop, mobile phone, camera, ...). - jumper cables, box full of fluids (engine oil, brake fluid, steering pump fluid, ATF) and jack included - Californian license plate - passed Californian smog test in March 2019 For the girls: - spacious interior (12 foot from the back of the drivers seat) - lots of storage under double bed with a sliding drawer accessible from both inside and out - large fridge and water tank with manual pump - windows are tinted so you don't need curtains. You can see from the inside to the outside, but not vice versa. Perfect for the stealth van life! - passenger seat turns 180° and pulls down completely - 8 fully working individual switch lights throughout the van. They work even when the van is not running which is really handy - The windows next to the bed have a cage on them so you feel safe when left open. - includes gas stove, pots, pans, cups, cuttlery and grill - foldable table at side doors and 2 folding chairs - plants are included Asking price is 6900$. Interested? For more information, mail us at kristof.druppel@gmail.com or call +14242969964
  2. Monaco Larry

    Alaska 2019

    We have 4 rigs headed for Alaska this year. We have been there twice in our RV (2009 & 2017). We are leading 3 other rigs for their first time. Plan on leaving So. Cal. in late April, entering Canada in late May and Alaska in late June. We love to meet other RVer's and share experiences and travel plans. We hope to post our travels here as we progress, looking forward to meeting other Alaska travelers this year.
  3. Hello fellow Escapees! I hope you will allow me a moment to brag a bit about having an article published in the Nov/Dec 2017 issue of Workamper News. It is about our summer 2016, which we spent workamping near Seward AK. Since you would have to subscribe to read it in their online magazine, and I realize not everyone does, I posted it in full on my blog - you can click here: Glaciers, Puffins and Whales - Oh My! Hope you enjoy - thanks for reading!
  4. We are headed for the Yukon this summer and we would like to visit Dawson. The Klondike Highway from Whitehorse to Dawson is paved, but frost heaves are a constant problem. I would also like to continue on from Dawson on the Top of the World Highway to Tok. However, if the highway is 300 kms of washboard it is no place for my HDT & 5th wheel. Our Volvo has no form of traction control and will get stuck on wet grass if I'm not careful. Washboard beats up vehicles and can cause a loss of control when cornering so I'll just backtrack to Whitehorse if some of the route is poorly maintained. Has anyone driven an HDT over the Top of the World Highway during the past couple of years? If so, how was it?
  5. Al F

    Alaska 2016

    It is almost 2016, time for everyone to start serious planning for your 2016 travels to Alaska!! If you have comment or questions about traveling to Alaska in 2016 please post them here to have a central place for 2016 info. In past years there usually has been an Alaska 20xx Topic started for everyone to ask questions and to post their travel plans and as they travel to Alaska to post significant events as they occur. Here are the last two years topics: Alaska 2015 Alaska 2014 I guess the Alaska 2013 & Alaska 2012 topics have rolled off the forum archives. I believe there have been topics like this dating back to about 2009. This year the HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) community created an Alaska 2016 topic aimed specifically toward people with large vehicles. For those looking for more info and to read about the experiences of others who have traveled in their RV’s to Alaska I have included a number of links to their blogs below. The links below usually go to the start of their trip, as they cross into Canada. To continue reading the blog, somewhere in the blog there will be a link to newer posts. Click on that link to follow their journey. The first 4 links are general interest blogs to get you started on reading about travels to Alaska. CoolRVers On the Road: Border Crossing to Cache Creek Tiltons Travels: Canadian Border Crossing Crossing into Canada - May 21, 2009 - Sumas, Washington, United States Gypsy and the Mariner's RV Adventures: Entry into Canada These next links cover the travels of three couples who primarily dry camped or boondocked. These are a must read if you are interested in staying at scenic camping spots rather than in RV Parks. Ron & Elena N DIVERSITY Start of AK Trip Scratching the Itch N For anyone interested in taking their RV on the Haul Road (Dalton Hwy) to Prodhoe Bay this blog is a must read: Prodhoe Bay Side Trip Ron & Elena For more info about Dalton highway go Here and Here For another adventure here is a blog about going up the Dempster Hwy from Dawson, YT to Inuvik, NWT Diversity--Dempster Hwy to Inuvik NWT For more info about the Dempster Hwy to Here , Here and Here Lots of great wildlife and scenic view pictures in this blog. Several more general interest blogs. Lots of good info here. Myths Versus Reality – Driving Your RV to Alaska | The Snowmads On Our Way to Alaska, At Last! - May 31, 2012 - Hope, British Columbia, Canada Alaska Bound 2009 Wright's TrailsEnd: Start of AK Trip Doing It On The Road(Part II): Crossing the Border, Red Deer BirdingRVers: Oh Canada! I know there are a lot more blogs out there. In fact I have bookmarked 30 to 40 over the last 6-7 years. If you know of a good Alaska travel blog, please post a link to it in this topic.
  6. I am starting my research on driving from Minnesota to Alaska in summer of 2018. Wondering what month to be crossing into Canada heading to Banff, i.e.; May or June? Any thoughts on places to se, resources to take with, etc.
  7. jags1fan

    ALASKA 2016

    As mentioned at the HDT National Rally, I'm "here" to begin the discussion, answer questions, etc about travel to Alaska Summer 2016. I sent an email to those of you that signed up with Jim Gell at the Rally. Thanks to Jim for beginning the discussion at the Rally, in my absence. Everyone feel free to ask questions on this forum (or you can email me at: jags1fan@gmail.com The intent is not that I want to start a 'caravan' to Alaska, but rather share our experiences from our trip last summer and answer questions and help you gain what you can so you can enjoy your trip to Alaska, as much as we did. Even though we thought we'd make a 'once in a lifetime' trip to Alaska, Raymond and I loved it up there and plan to return Summer '16. We had a blast just wandering the vast area and loved seeing HDT friends up there. So, hopefully, this forum discussion will keep all HDT traveler's in contact for meeting up there. Let me start out by saying, there are many varying feelings about taking your Rig or Not taking your Rig to Alaska. I can only speak to OUR experience: We had no issues with the roads in Canada and Alaska. Yes, there are dirt/gravel roads. Yes, at times the frost heaves* in the paved roads are such that you HAVE TO slow your travel to as low as 15mph (or risk possible harm to your Rig), but we broke no glasses, no plates, no cabinets, etc. (as compared to one year returning to FL from KS when we broke 3 built-in cabinets on the rough roads on I-10 in LA, MS and a short distance in AL. I suspect the roads have been repaired since that crazy trip, but we still avoid that area). LOL We do have Mor-Ryde air suspension on our DRV, so I'm sure that helps. But, all in all, you MUST be willing to travel at very low speeds in some sections. *Kudo's to the Canada Ministry of Transportation and the Alaska DOT for helping out by places flags or cones to mark frost heaves to help you slow down before you hit one! Travel in Alaska (and NW Canada) is truly like no other parts of North America. On the fun side, if you enjoy the sights of abundant wildlife you will love the travel. Because the roads are so much less traveled than the Lower 48 highways, any time you see a car pulled over to the side of the highway you can bet it is to view an animal. We quickly learned to start putting on brakes and either slow or pull off to the side of the road and stop. We turned a normal 7 hour day into 10+ hours just because we stopped to take pictures. What an exhilarating adventure! Raymond and I both set up blogs to share some of our adventures. G8rRay.com (to be updated) and ForksInTheRVRoad.com (I am doing a major update, so I hope to have all posts from last summer completed soon). Both of our blogs include places we stayed along the way, etc. I hope this leads to an informative and enjoyable discussion! I'm ready to leave today! (a slight exaggeration since we wouldn't want to drive through the snow). Have a Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year! Janet
  8. We have reservations for Teklanika campground in Denali, Alaska. We will be staying there for a week without leaving. There is no dump, there are pot toilets, and there is some hand pump water. We would like to be able to plan our water usage a little better in advance. Can anyone tell us if there is a grey water sink for dishwater there? The people answering their phones can't get us an answer. John and Connie Parker
  9. Alaska Cruise HOP Featuring the Discovery Channel & Animal Planet Excursions August 27 – September 3, 2016 Experience the magic that only Alaska has to offer on this spectacular round-trip 7-day cruise with the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet excursions offered exclusively by Princess Cruise Lines. The highlight of the Inside Passage is Glacier Bay, and Princess is among a select few cruise lines permitted to cruise Glacier Bay. Glacier Bay National Park is part of a Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural World Heritage site and has some of the world's most spectacular glaciers. While cruising Glacier Bay, relax and enjoy the crisp, fresh, clean air. A park ranger will board the ship and share the history of the bay while pointing out some of the wildlife that call the bay home such as humpback whales, sea otters, porpoises, harbor seals, black bears, mountain goats, and our majestic national emblem, the bald eagle. Excursions are the best way to enjoy the magnificent sights and culture in each of the cities and enjoy the warm embrace of the native people. The Discovery Channel excursions will spend time at famous historical sites, while the Animal Planet excursions will take you to some of the favorite play-grounds of the wild and untamed Alaskan animals; you may just come face-to-face with these amazing animals. Once onboard, the ship will provide activities, entertainment, and incredible food. There will also be fun and interactive HOP socials during the days at sea. Witness lush rainforests, colossal mountains, salmon gliding upstream in clear river streams, and bear or moose roaming freely in their natural habitat. You may even catch a glimpse of whales breaching the water. Alaska is a part of the world where Mother Nature has been left alone in her natural state, and wildlife remains abundant. Learn all the things you wanted to know about this amazing paradise on the HOP! Booking your cabin early and Recall dates: Escapees can hold the discounted group space for a limited time before the cruise line recalls our unused cabins. After that recall date, we may not be able to secure your cabin near the HOP attendees and may not be at the same rates. Escapees will attempt to secure your preferred cabin, if space is still available. Most cruises sell out early, so it’s very critical that you book early, even if the cruise is scheduled for NEXT YEAR! Recall Dates: 1st date: February 29, 2016 2nd date: March 30, 2016 3rd date: April 29, 2016 For more info about the Alaska Cruise HOP, please click: https://www.escapees.com/skp_files/hop/event.php?id=22 To see the current HOPs, click: https://www.escapees.com/fun/hops To register for this cruise: Call the Escapees Travel Agency at toll-free 1-855-757-8881 or email ETA@escapees.com.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm interested in knowing if anyone has experience working as a seafood processor in Alaska? I'm hoping to work the herring and salmon seasons next year for Silver Bay, and would greatly appreciate any advice from you all. Thanks, Randy
  11. Well, we have purchased our first rig - 40 Country Coach and are going to take our first trip and head north to Alaska. For work reasons we are headed in Canada through Bellingham, Wa. any advise for first timers on the route through Canada - or maybe, more specifically, what route should a first timer avoid?
  12. Marianne and I are just finishing a 10 week stint as volunteer caretakers at Totem Bight State Historical Park in Ketchikan, Alaska. Nearby is Settlers Cove State Park situated along an ocean passage and surrounded by a dense rain forest. It's an amazingly beautiful place. Winter here in Southeast Alaska is mild and misty with very little snow. The campground is closed for the winter, but there is day use. Tasks include light maintenance, visitor contact, opening and closing of the gate. A log cabin with propane and electricity is provided. The time commitment begins October 1 through April 30, but can be split. For more information, contact Ranger Mary Kowalczyk. Email: mary.kowalczyk@alaska.gov. Phone: (907) 247-8574.
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