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Found 5 results

  1. 2000 VNL 770 Detroit Auto Heater fan stopped working, 40A heater fuse designated : MF5 40A CAB HEAT is good. Any experience or insights? Pulled dash heat/ac control sub panel, looked good. Going to pull pass side dash covers and check fan connection.
  2. Need to know where to hook up what to turn on the compressor to add refrigerant, ie, the low side switch or other magical connection.
  3. Was told today by my local ac guy that the truck has a full charge . He called a buddy that works for VOLVO in Colorado say it needs to go to dealer to have fan clutch checked and computer settings. Looking on line looks like the closet dealer is either Beaumont Tx or Shreveport La anybody have any experience with either one. Just wondering thanks.
  4. We have the interior input/output for the RV where the cold air is pointing at my hands and neck, which is uncomfortable. I currently have some contructs made from plastic and duct tape, but my wife thinks they are not elegant enough. Grrrrrr. I know I can get some clear plastic defectors (Frost King, Deflector, and many other) rather inexpensively at Amazon, but they aren't made for RV venting, and will require a fair about of MacGyvering. No problem doing that, I like those kinds of puzzles. But I don't think she will be satisfed with those results either. Are there any interior air deflector designed to be attached to RV air handles? I don't know if I'm using the wrong keywords or just unlucky, but I haven't found any yet. Or will I have to learn to work with plexiglass at a high skill level to get the results she wants (my current skills that lead to uneven and chipped edges).
  5. Are there 5th wheel dealers who do "mobile" warranty repairs in Houston/Beaumont, Texas or Lake Charles, LA area? I purchased a 5th wheel and it is under warranty, but to get warranty repairs I have to take it 3.5 hours away to the dealer (Toppers RV, Waller TX).... and I signed a paper that said I understood that "never dreaming" that 3 DAYS after the power was turned on the AC would shutdown and not work!! When I first contacted the salesman (Zach Randall) he was so helpful and understood I could not bring the unit to him, but now he will not return my calls or texts! So..... do I have any recourse or am I just SOL?? What do I do now? I recently purchased a 2016 Forest River Sandpiper 389RD from Toppers RV in Waller, TX. It was delivered 02/29/2016 and the power turned on about 12:00 pm 3/16/2016. On 3/17/2016, the AC unit would cycle off and on quickly several times, but then it was fine. I had been trying to figure out how to use the Dometic Dual Controller and I thought this was caused by something I had done or a setting I unknowingly changed. About 5:00 pm on 3/18/2016, the AC unit shutdown and the controller light went out! So Saturday I contacted my salesman, Zach Randall, and told him what was going on. He told me that my thermostat had gone out and I needed a new one. He also told me they are cheap so just find one locally and it will be easy to install. So I called around locally and found one for $120.00 and contacted him to find out if that was cheap for a thermostat. When I called him back he said they are ripping you off because they sold them for $40.00 and he would just send me one. He also gave me the name of the Forest River area representative (Wayne Bigler) and told me that he would even probably even come out to install it if I needed to call him Monday. On Monday, 3/21/2016, I contacted the forest river rep (Wayne Bigler) who was not really excited to hear from me and told me to call the local Forest River dealer. The local dealer does not do any "mobile" repairs. So I was called my salesman (Zach Randall) back who basically told me "Welcome to the RV world.... I know your situation and it sucks!" My situation is that I do not have a truck big enough to haul the RV yet! He is no longer returning my calls or texts....
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