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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! I want to use our home DirecTV receiver on the road and need to order a dish that I can mount on a tripod. I have a DirecTV model HR44-700 receiver. What is the best standard dish that is compatible with my receiver? I want to avoid climbing up on my roof and check the dish nameplate; especially when it's covered with ice and snow. Thanks, Tom J.
  2. Has anyone found a current list of satellite channels on each of the three western arc Dish Satellite. Specifically would like Satellite 119 to get the most benefit from my Pathway X2. I found a list online and quickly identified the list several years and several changes old. Thanks Clay living primarily on the western ARC
  3. My idea was to run the cable from the receiver out to the underside of the RV, keep it connected to the dish that is stowed in a storage bin, and when I get to a place I will be a few days, mount the dish to a pole on a heavy base and set it up on the ground. As long as it has an unobstructed view of the azimuth I need to aim toward, height is not an issue. I really don't want to mount anything more to my roof, and in fact once I add the solar panels I likely will not have room for the standard "camel hump" satellite antenna. Obviously I wouldn't set up in a place like a Walmart or a Lowe's, because as long as I can snag wifi I can stream TV. This is mainly for football season when there are 5 games to watch every week! Does anybody use this method, and if so, would you please share your experiences doing it? Like this.
  4. I have had a King Tailgater Satellite Dish for several years. I drilled through the feet and mounted it to a 12 x 12 inch piece of plywood which fits into an angle aluminum bracket bolted to my roof. No storage or setup is needed, and I can easily move it when I need to. They say you can't do that, but mounting it has worked fine for years. . Reception is another thing though. I will be replacing it with a Winegard Pathway X2 Dish. But I saw in the manual that the X2 is supposed to be manually put in "stow position" before you move it. Of course, I don't want to have to go up on the roof every time we arrive or leave somewhere to do that. The Tailgater does it automatically. Is it critical to get it into the stow position? Is this just for my convenience, or is it for the protection of the dish? Am I going to have a problem if I just drive off each time without putting it in the stow position? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  5. Is it possible to attach an HDD only when needed? Some articles I've read intimated that the HDD has to be attached and powered 24/7 or else it will attempt to reformat the HDD every time it is attached. Is this true? What I would like to be able to do, but don't know if they work that way is as follows. My TV gear is typically completely powered down. I power up, start up the receiver and watch without the HDD powered up/plugged in. Say I watch it for a couple of hours and a show I want to record comes on. I would like to 'then' plug in/power up the HDD, record, then power it back off. If it doesn't work that way it's no biggie and not worth it to me to have a constantly powered device or complicated work around. ~ Cheers
  6. we've been told we can not get a Hopper because Dish will not install them in an RV. I know some full timers do have the Hopper but I can't seem to find how this happened by searching the archives. 1) please let us know how you were able to get the Hopper installed without having a stick and brick residence. 2) I have had some issues when I switch locals with my VIP722 DVR. Most of the time my scheduled recordings for locals in Dish pass do not work until the day after I have switched locals. It's as though the unit has to reset overnight. I think it may just be an problem with my box but I was wondering if this works smoothly with the Hopper. 3) are you happy with the Hopper and Joey? We are not high tech people so can not just purchase a Hopper and install it ourselves so any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Does anyone in the Mesa area know who we can get to install a Hopper and Joey in our 5th wheel? We have a Trav'ler SK-1000 satellite dish. Many people on line have said that they have this setup and it works very well. Unfortunately my husband and I are not "techy" enough to install it ourselves and Dish won't install on in an RV. We have tried calling local companies and the ones we have called follow Dish policies. Can anyone out there suggest someone to contact?
  8. DISH Turbo HdTV Satellite Tripod Kit. Tripod mounts, 3ft. rg6, 50 ft RG6, Satellite Finder meter,compass, and F81 splice also included. Compatible with all Dishpro and Dishpro plus receivers (2xx,3xx,5xx,6xx,7xx,8xx,9xx series) Dish Network HDTV Satellite Tripod kit for receiving satellites: 110, 119,129w Will operate up to 3 receivers off one dish Blue accessory case included New in box. $75 + shipping.
  9. Records up to 350 Hours of SD and 55 Hours of HD Programming. Supports two independent viewing TVs - a remote control for each TV. High-definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) on TV1; SD on TV2 View HD and SD programming2 TV1 display resolutions: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i (1080p for applicable Video on Demand)3 TV2 display resolution is 480i Independently watch TV in two rooms, or watch one show while recording another in one room Dolby Digital audio Remanufactured, never used. Still in unopened box. $125 + shipping.
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