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Found 15 results

  1. Maine is beautiful, fun, vast, expansive, breath taking, we see it from a different perspective Off-Road! We take a great trail from JonesPort towards Lubec and Quoddy Head State Park in Maine. We also get very close to the Canadian border, but someone has forgotten his passport! We explain why we love Canada and go for a great hike with amazing views! ***Feel free to subscribe and hit that like button!***
  2. Monaco Larry

    Alaska 2019

    We have 4 rigs headed for Alaska this year. We have been there twice in our RV (2009 & 2017). We are leading 3 other rigs for their first time. Plan on leaving So. Cal. in late April, entering Canada in late May and Alaska in late June. We love to meet other RVer's and share experiences and travel plans. We hope to post our travels here as we progress, looking forward to meeting other Alaska travelers this year.
  3. Hello, My puppy and I be going to the Canadian Rockies this Summer. I already have my passport. I have all the proof of vaccinations for my pup but I think they all need to be within 6 months of when you visit Canada? I want to visit Waterton, Banff and Jasper National Parks and/or any other areas that offer great hiking This year, it will be around Jan. 9th for Jasper National Park, and Jan. 10th for Banff National Park so I need to make reservations soon! Looking for suggestions for camping and any other advise for visiting Canada Thanks! Joan & Miss Emme Lu Who Facebook: Apackof2 for the Rd. "All who wander are not lost
  4. Any tips for gun storage spots near Blaine, etc? Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know if there is a guide to British Columbia's mountain roads, similar to the Mountain Directory West guide for the U.S.? We plan to some exploring in BC on our way to Alaska. Thanks!
  6. Hi there... I’m new to the discussion forum and to full time RVing. Loving both... My hubby and I are both musicians. I am in search of a job that I can do on the road. I know that Canadians can’t be work campers in the US, but have you come across anything similar in Canada? Any leads to online work that Canadians can do would be appreciated.
  7. We crossed into Canada Sunday at Port Huron with the Volvo and fiver. The border agent pulled us into an area and told us to back up to a building with a loading dock. We were detained 4-1/2 hours while they searched everything - including the porta-potty in the Volvo and the sewer hose in the fiver. Slides were pulled out. Every bag and box was opened. A dog was brought in to sniff around. They were looking for a gun which I did not have. They found nothing that was prohibited. The border agent made some very nasty remarks about Americans. We were not allowed to have our cell phones while waiting. When we finally got to our campsite 75 miles from the border I discovered the wiring for the driver side faring lights was jerked out and broken - all they needed to do was pull a plug in the wiring on the Volvo but they did not know or ask. Several wires behind the TV were pulled out and the external hard drive for the Dish receiver was pulled off its secure mounting allowing it to fall to the floor in transit. The DW had a Mickey Mouse statue she values broken. After the search they left most of our stuff scattered across the parking lot and just walked off. What I don't get is that they did not open the hood and look in the engine compartment. IMHO that would have been a prime location to hide something, like inside the air filter canister or behind a headlight opening. It really ruined our visit to Canada. I am filing a formal complaint for both our treatment and the damage to our vehicle and possessions though I doubt it will do any good. The crossing back into the USA when we entered Maine today was a piece of cake. A couple of questions, a look at our passports and then "Welcome back to the USA".
  8. We will be traveling with our dog from Montana up to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada to see family. Any one have any suggestions, pointers, things to know, about? Your expereinces etc when crossing into and out of Canada.
  9. Hi Folks, In July, we plan to head from Ohio into Canada around Montreal/Toronto. Can anyone offer any insight to good hiking & camping in that area. We would like to stay about a month. Thanks.
  10. jags1fan

    2017 Alaska

    As most of you know, RV travel sometimes makes us change our plans and head a different direction. This has happened to us this year with our former plans of heading through Canada to Alaska, this summer. We were delayed leaving Crossville by more than 2 weeks and now, after only being in Canada 12 days we are back in the good ole' USA. We entered Canada at Sault Ste Marie and stayed at Bill and Joan Richard's Beautiful KOA in SSM, Ontario. IF you are in that area, do not miss staying with them. The city of Sault Ste Marie, ON, has tons of places to visit. We already want to return there! On the 7th of June, we headed to Thunder Bay. Stopped in a small campground at Nipigon, ON (I posted to the HDT Campgrounds) and that night the temp dropped to 32 degrees. Our Heat Pump started tripping the breaker each time it tried to start. No problem....Furnace worked great!!!! LOL Anyway, we decided we would spend the scheduled 3+ nights in Thunder Bay ( another city with lots to do) and made contact with a service center just South of Duluth, MN to get our Heat Pump checked and fixed. So THANKFUL we have an extended full service warranty on it. It will be replaced. Arrived Kerrick, MN on Sunday 12 June. Cute little campground on Oak Lake, although small the owner was right: we do fit. View of Oak Lake out our windows is GREAT, even though it's foggy, windy and 54. So, we are catching up on things that can only be handled in the USA. NOW to the real news from us: With this additional delay, we have decided to not go to Alaska this Summer. We hope and are planning on going next Summer. We will travel through Canada with limited sightseeing in Canada along the way, and spend the majority of our time in Alaska. Can you say -- a whole month in 1 area of Alaska? YEP - another relaxed way to see as much as we can see. Although, in 2014 we did cover the majority of Anchorage, Fairbanks, Seward and Chicken, there is so much more to see. So, I put up this new thread. It sounds to me like Canada and Alaska will be filled with HDTers next year!!!! Should be a FUN TIME!!!!! As soon as the work is done here, we are heading back to Canada for the Summer. I'm looking forward to a more relaxed, stay as long as we want, in more cities than we had planned for this year. We will slowly make our way from Thunder Bay West to Jasper and then Banff. Probably won't take the whole summer, so we are thinking we will cross to USA, somewhere in WA State and visit NW Washington..Whidbey Island, Olympia, etc. as time permits. We are free to do whatever until mid September when we plan to be in Denver. So, as full time HDTers, Raymond and I try to always stay flexible and not get rattled with changes. This is a wonderful adventure and we are so thankful to be able to enjoy now and for as long as we can. Safe travels to everyone and God Bless You All.
  11. jags1fan

    ALASKA 2016

    As mentioned at the HDT National Rally, I'm "here" to begin the discussion, answer questions, etc about travel to Alaska Summer 2016. I sent an email to those of you that signed up with Jim Gell at the Rally. Thanks to Jim for beginning the discussion at the Rally, in my absence. Everyone feel free to ask questions on this forum (or you can email me at: jags1fan@gmail.com The intent is not that I want to start a 'caravan' to Alaska, but rather share our experiences from our trip last summer and answer questions and help you gain what you can so you can enjoy your trip to Alaska, as much as we did. Even though we thought we'd make a 'once in a lifetime' trip to Alaska, Raymond and I loved it up there and plan to return Summer '16. We had a blast just wandering the vast area and loved seeing HDT friends up there. So, hopefully, this forum discussion will keep all HDT traveler's in contact for meeting up there. Let me start out by saying, there are many varying feelings about taking your Rig or Not taking your Rig to Alaska. I can only speak to OUR experience: We had no issues with the roads in Canada and Alaska. Yes, there are dirt/gravel roads. Yes, at times the frost heaves* in the paved roads are such that you HAVE TO slow your travel to as low as 15mph (or risk possible harm to your Rig), but we broke no glasses, no plates, no cabinets, etc. (as compared to one year returning to FL from KS when we broke 3 built-in cabinets on the rough roads on I-10 in LA, MS and a short distance in AL. I suspect the roads have been repaired since that crazy trip, but we still avoid that area). LOL We do have Mor-Ryde air suspension on our DRV, so I'm sure that helps. But, all in all, you MUST be willing to travel at very low speeds in some sections. *Kudo's to the Canada Ministry of Transportation and the Alaska DOT for helping out by places flags or cones to mark frost heaves to help you slow down before you hit one! Travel in Alaska (and NW Canada) is truly like no other parts of North America. On the fun side, if you enjoy the sights of abundant wildlife you will love the travel. Because the roads are so much less traveled than the Lower 48 highways, any time you see a car pulled over to the side of the highway you can bet it is to view an animal. We quickly learned to start putting on brakes and either slow or pull off to the side of the road and stop. We turned a normal 7 hour day into 10+ hours just because we stopped to take pictures. What an exhilarating adventure! Raymond and I both set up blogs to share some of our adventures. G8rRay.com (to be updated) and ForksInTheRVRoad.com (I am doing a major update, so I hope to have all posts from last summer completed soon). Both of our blogs include places we stayed along the way, etc. I hope this leads to an informative and enjoyable discussion! I'm ready to leave today! (a slight exaggeration since we wouldn't want to drive through the snow). Have a Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year! Janet
  12. Well, we are so glad to be here, and almost nervous. There are so many excellent blogs and websites listed, and we are just getting started. But here goes, and we shall jump on board anyhow. Full Timing here in Canada, all year long. Very glad to be through the process of downsizing and living in our RV and being mobile. We have a YouTube channel as well as a website, if you are wanting to know more about us crazy Canadians who live all winter in the white stuff! http://www.rvlifecanadianstyle.ca www.youtube.com/channel/UCPluQIOp3Vhvw0pUXwhJoVA
  13. I am looking for the best route, from Sault Ste. Marie,Mi thru Canada and picking up hwy 2 into maine and up the coast, we are pulling a 40' 5th wheel and was seeking advice on a route that keeps us out of any cities and interstates any input would be greatly appreciated ! mario
  14. Well, we have purchased our first rig - 40 Country Coach and are going to take our first trip and head north to Alaska. For work reasons we are headed in Canada through Bellingham, Wa. any advise for first timers on the route through Canada - or maybe, more specifically, what route should a first timer avoid?
  15. Slip on your jeans, pull on your boots, slap on your cowboy hat, and enjoy the world-famous events that will take place during this one-of-a-kind HOP! This event has a little bit of everything imaginable to entertain you. Billed as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth,” this part state fair, part rodeo, features the finest stock, topnotch cowboys, incredible grandstand shows, world-class live entertainment, commercial and agricultural exhibits, midway rides, arts and crafts, and incredible firework shows. No wander this event attracts people from around the world! See the amazing Rangeland Derby, which is the world-famous chuck wagon races! This electrifying event will keep you on the edge of your seat. Chuck wagons pulled by horses are racing while synchronizing with outriders who must set up tent poles and a camp stove as part of a timed competition. While in Calgary, board a motor coach, with a knowledgeable local guide, and enjoy two full days of tours of Calgary, Heritage Park, Banff National Park, which is located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, and cruise in a glass-enclosed boat across Lake Minnewanka. Join your fellow SKPs, July 8 – 13, 2015, for the Calgary Stampede HOP, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. To register, please call the HOP department at 888-757-2582 or 936-327-8873. For more information, see: https://www.escapees.com/HOP/Calgary.aspx For the most current HOPs, see: https://www.escapees.com/HOP/Default.aspx
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