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    • Yo Staff,,,,GREAT information for the original poster (when all else fails read the instructions lol) ...….From that it appears a magnetic activated reed relay signal to the circuit board is what controls the actual On/Off light switching. That's NOT the same as a mechanical door open/close activated light switch I discussed above, sorry about that. Troubleshooting therefore is a tad bit more complicated but still possible especially now that the circuit is understood.  If its the type of magnetic activated relay I've seen there's not much room for error as far as the magnets location and spacing.    I would wonder Is the magnet still there and in place ???? If not or incorrectly located that's bad...So is it a mechanical magnet problem orrrrrrrrrrrrrr a control board failure ??? Hmmmmmmmmmmm Getting complicated but fun and educational regardless... An ever curious John T
    • 24 K Pullrite 5th Wheel Hitch ISR Series.  With Pullrite 4439 OE Series 2013 Up Ram Industry Standard Adapter.  $700.00 The ISR Super 5th models feature a dual articulating, automatically locking hitch plate that is easily removable with pins and clips…no tools required!  The hitch plate also features the only self-latching, handle on the market, keeping you clean and out of the bed with no secondary locking device to engage unlike most other brands.
    • 2018 Chevy Equinox...very easy to set up with no problems. Run it  5 minutes before and after each towing day and you're good to go.
    • rvrefrigeratorrepair.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Norcold-Service-N61x-N81x.pdf  Page 34 and Page19 Fig 21 Lamp Assembly The operation of the fresh food compartment 12 Vdc lamp is controlled by a magnet activated reed relay switch. The switch is in the optical control circuit board and the magnet is permanently mounted on the underside of the door's top trim piece. Leaving the door ajar or open for more than two minutes causes the controls to display a "d" or "dr" fault code (depending on unit model). Closing the door turns off the light and clear the "d" or "dr" fault indicator from the display. However, the fault code will be stored in the diagnostic mode nonvolatile memory. For "d"/"dr" troubleshooting procedures. See page 19. As shown in Figure 21, the light assembly harness and thermistor share the same connector. Remove the light cover to access the connector.   You have checked the magnet??. How do you check the light assembly with meter, if the switch is removed away from the magnet?? And what are the error codes displayed?? The switch is in the optical control circuit board ALSO what has NORCOLD?? told you inquiring minds want to know!! 
    • We registered just shortly after it opened up and will be arriving early. We will be coming from Indiana as the Indiana Chapter is hosting the Tri-Rally with two other states. In fact, we had to change the date of the rally to a week earlier to ensure that everyone that wanted to attend Escapade would have enough time to travel there. Vicki  
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