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    • Did you have questions or is this just a statement?
    • MCD shades are expensive, but they are very well made and last forever.  The fit  under the valences and the ones I have are double--one set of black mesh that lets daylight in and the others that are heavy vinyl and keep all light out.  I wish I had had them installed when I first bought my motorhome.
    • Yuck!!!  I would do a super chlorine disinfection, with maybe twice or triple as much as you would normally use. Leave it in your tank for a day or two before rinsing it out. I don't know if chlorine counts as one of the chemicals that damages septic systems, but I would be tempted to find someplace that is on a city water system for a couple of days to get this all cleaned out.  Two questions: Was the pressure regulator on the faucet side of the Walmart filter or on the coach side of the filter? Also, do you have a whole house filter as well as the one from Walmart?  I would suspect that if you do, everything has been caught, but after using the disinfecting process, I would change both it and the Walmart blue filter.  Also, when you replace the whole house filter, there are different levels of replacement filters.  The ones I use I get from Camping World are numbered.  Read the labels carefully to find out what they filter.  Some are basic and some are more sophisticated.  And I do drink water from my tank and have never had problems, but little worms would certainly make me drink bottled water for a while. Good luck!
    • Here's how one woman lives in her Prius for months at a time: https://www.cheaprvliving.com/other-conversions/living-prius/ Linda Sand
    • Al, thanks for your answer....No, I'm not trying to start any disagreement here.... please remember that I said there are no right or wrong answers.... I'm very pleased to hear that many people on the forum are inclusive of us part time group and from my experience so far on the forum, most are equally agreeable to letting folks have whatever size RV they want...Class A, B, C, trailer, 5th wheel, or even a teardrop... Please know that I had to quit another forum of people who were not like that...in fact, one person ridiculed me for spending a lot of money on my Sprinter.. and said that the only thing he thought it was good for was a rolling brothel.... that was the last straw and I dropped membership in the club.. extremely rude and offensive.  People make individual choices all the time for various reasons... for me.. part time works.. other people may want to be on the road all the time.... There's a couple of people who think I'm envious of this and would like to be on the road more often... I'm very happy with the part time use and we do use the RV...in two years since I've owned it, I've logged just over 18,000 miles... that's not bad... it's being used... Most people have told me that normal annual miles is more like 5,000 per year..  I think the first year was an anomaly, I'll probably go about 5,000 miles per year from now on.. Enjoy your RV and travels. 
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