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    • Well I did it. Purchased a 94 Fleetwood Tioga. It's in very good shape, and I got a pretty good deal. Now there's many, many things to do, including getting insurance. Where does one go to purchase insurance for an rv? One who currently has no insurance whatsoever. 
    • Yeah me neither....in Texas at least, you can downgrade an interstate Class-A CDL to an intrastate Class-A CDL. It is called Category 4: Excepted Intrastate.  You will keep most of the endorsements you have, but may lose hazmat if you have that one. I am actually 'grandfathered in' on the medical. I know it sounds odd... but it is true, that a 61 year old (me) can now actually drive a CMV bus or truck IN TEXAS for the next 5 years legally with NO medical exam. But absolutely true. Of course this license means I can drive any size or type of RV in Texas, and that ability extends to the other states.  
    • We had that problem with the DW's mother. Driver License renewal solved that when she could not pass the vision test. Every state is different though on renewals for the elderly. Licence renewal by state
    • Made contact with Philip today, he lives in Loveland Colorado and is willing to come to the rally if there’s enough interest. I explained to him that if he needed a deposit to come to Hutch we would do that.  He gets 85.09 a wheel and yes he removes the wheel from the truck, mounts on his polishing jig, sands polishes and seals the rim, remounts on the truck.  He stated he can do 3 tandem trucks a day, one Pete radiator surround, back of headlight housing, tanks and tank steps, air cleaner housings takes all day.  I need a list of who is interested and what services requested. The deposit will be the wheels you want done at 85.00 each.  Please email me with interest at rogerjones218@ gmail dot com.  And you can also reply here as well so others can see the head count.  Roger
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