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    • Funny how typing in the dark can result in some interesting slips.  I'm involved in a motorcycle club, and one time when we were having hotly contested elections, I referred to them as "erections"..........
    • I did that job - under a fiver - and it's way worse than being under your car or truck.   Raising the 5er doesn't help a whole lot.  It was on concrete with lots of space. (Didn't matter). Sooooo - I added another (secondary & accessible) pull valve in the 3" line, closer to the termination point and easily replaced should the need arise. *If* the "main" valve leaks - it can just leak - or stay open! A "twist on" valve is in the storage bay - as back-up to the back-up. Moral of the story (stories):  Take excellent care of your plumbing. BTW - never had any parts/repair insurance on any of the RVs I've had- since 1975!   Never needed any.  My 5th had 2 years (factory),  but the valve problem was long past 2yrs. Guess I'm money ahead on that one......but  (one time?) "PITA Repair" ins would have been nice! ~
    • We are going to really try to be in that area before we go to Q. We had planned to leave tomorrow but..... Someone ordered something on Monday but it won't be here until tomorrow and we can't leave without it. Took the Jeep in last week to get a recharge on the AC. It didn't work so took it to another place on Monday. Just got it back this morning. Also I had a yearly eye appointment this afternoon and my eyes are still dilated.   Our HOA allows the RV to be here for only 48 hours so we'll go get it in the morning and try to leave Saturday.  Yipppeee!!!!!! Travel safe everyone. Jeff    😊
    • I guess you need to consider freeze proofing. Getting all wet lines up inside the belly Coreplast. At least on the 5ver I worked on they were under the Coreplast but within a foot or so of the side. Burying them deep inside the belly is a real problem. But how would you know when buying a unit? I doubt a dealer will willingly pull the belly off for you to look. And I have never even heard of a piping diagram of one of these units.
    • In this video we are sharing some knowledge. If you like to tow your 5th wheel or travel trailer and still off-road, prerun, or 4x4, this might be helpful! We install Daystar airbag cradles, this cool system allows your truck or SUV to have full suspension travel and still tow heavy loads. We had previously ripped out one of our airbags due to the airbag limiting our droop travel. Now that issue is solved and we can still tow heavy loads. If you have any questiong please let us know!  
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