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  1. OLDphoneman

    Need a Bigger Truck Frame

    Here's Big Mike's Version: His Prime Mover: FUN Times .. .. :^)
  2. OLDphoneman

    Western HD Truck Rally old (6+) on youtube

    Greetings -- Yes -- The era of tranny conversions ........ Was an interesting time. 3 of us had it done. And now it has come to an end as Harold Bettencourt (Kustom Truck) is now a guest in the Big House at the invite of the Fed's. My Truck -- was purchased by a very nice couple from the LA area. By this time they should have retired and wandering around this Great Country !! Winchester -- LUV the place ....... Still run the Dunes there -- Great Times !! Take Care ...... Safe Travels !!
  3. OLDphoneman

    Western HD Truck Rally old (6+) on youtube

    Hello Phil .. Yes -- I did drift away for a few years. Couple months ago I was going thru some old pic's of my Truck build and I wondered how far they have progressed now. Different world now compared to my time. Take Care -- Safe Travels !! Dave
  4. OLDphoneman

    Western HD Truck Rally old (6+) on youtube

    Brought back a lot of Good Memories ........ Sadly I didn't backup my several hundred photo's .. .. But I did find a CD that one of the attendee's gave me and I put this short video together: FUN Times -- Safe Travels !! :^)
  5. OLDphoneman

    Interesting Dash Cam

    Well -- There's a way around this ...... Depends on what you want to do with the GPS file. If it's imbedding a speedometer into the video -- Then it can be done. I'm not saying it's easy - But possible. I experimented making a couple of video's doing this a few years ago. I'll post and you can evaluate if this interests you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oarwvNJUPYI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB90myhi5cw To do this I use a QSTARZ BT-Q1000eX Data Logger and for software I use Dashware. On Dash Cam's -- -- I like the Blackvue 2 Channel DR650GW Full HD with built-in WiFi. Another candidate is the ipixi Winycam X200FHD. FUN Times -- -- I LUV gadgets .. .. ..
  6. OLDphoneman

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Left Wichita yesterday -- Arrived Williams, Az this morning ....... Just over a day and just under a thousand miles -- Missed my afternoon nap yesterday ..... THAT won't happen today .... Catching the Train for the Grand Canyon in the morning ....... Nap Time ...... Dave
  7. OLDphoneman

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Had a GREAT time at the Hot Rod Nationals .. Lost WiFi though as the place started to fill up.. .. Worst construction to date -- I-84E at Ogden,UT. Now -- That SUCKED .. .. Talking about road construction -- Several places on I-80 .. And I get a tickle with the speed signs .. .. In Black/Orange lettering it says "Slow Down" -- Then underneath is the speed -- 65 Miles Per Hour. Yea -- Right .. Even on my best day - Going downhill I don't go THAT Fast .. .. Pulled into Davenport, IA this morning -- Got a site at Interstate RV Park .. .. Having a hard time coping -- It's HOT and HUMID in these parts. Last night it was 102 when I went to bed - Had both air's on in the Truck and woke up around midnight and all the windows were sweating on the OUTSIDE -- It was so humid out. And - There is NO restaurant within walking distance from this park. With this Heat/Humidity and NO food -- I might loose some weight .. .. FAT Chance .. So much for washing/waxing the Rig before I left -- Got to go find a Truck Wash that hand washes .. .. I'll be here a couple of days - I see that the Nascar Race has been postponed -- Great .. I'll catch it tomorrow -- Maybe I can call out for a Pizza .. .. Played tag with Lonesome Dove -- Only got a chance to introduce myself at Cabella's RV Park -- Lost you today on the road .. Hope all is well and you got your problem fixed. Traveled 2192 miles (ECM) or 2209 miles (GPS) and am averaging 9.86 MPG (ECM) -- Including ideling time -- I won't be without my AC .. .. Gotta GO >>> >> > .. . N 41.60580 W 090.63162 Dick -- I'll call you later this evening .. Dave
  8. OLDphoneman

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Hi Lee -- -- Yes .. I've a house in Florence. I just finished 10 weeks dry camping at Winchester Bay. I'm starting to question my sanity - As to why I left .. Maybe I'll loose some weight on this trip .. .. Naw -- Won't hold my breath on that .. .. 1st time I've camped at a racing event -- Would this make a GREAT spot for a Rally .. .. You just can't imagine all the steaks on the BBQ here tonight -- Man .. What smells .. .. Gotta GO >>> >> > . Dave
  9. OLDphoneman

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Hello Dick -- GREAT -- Do stop by .. No -- They didn't have any room -- So I called and got a reservation at Indian Springs -- Know anything about them ?? I arrive 8/24 -- From 8/27 - 9/4 I'll be at the Auction. And -- If you've any Pull .. I prefer the temps in the Hi 50's -- Any hotter and I'm a bit sluggish .. .. Did I mention it's HOT here .. .. See ya down the road ...... Dave
  10. OLDphoneman

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Left Winchester Bay two days ago -- Arrived at the Woodburn Dragstrip this morning for a total of 206.53 miles .. .. Dry camping at the Finish Line for the Hot Rod Nationals .. .. .. Next stop -- Auburn, Indiana for the Kruse Car Auction over Labor Day -- 1920 miles away .. .. Wish me Luck -- As I'm not used to traveling over 50 miles a day .. .. WiFi -- 19.95 for the 3 day event .. .. Gotta GO >>> >> > N 45.15289 W 122.90881 Dave
  11. OLDphoneman

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    I'll arrive later this evening -- At Winchester Bay. Section "C" Space 16 -- For the next 74 Days .. .. Then -- It will be off to the Races -- Literally .. Gotta GO >>> >> > Dave
  12. OLDphoneman

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Hi David -- Most elect to park on the asphalt. This is located just past the Port Office - Extending all the way down to the Boat Ramps on the North end. There are no reservations excepted in this area. First come first served. Cost is 10 dollars a night. Just 200 yards away - Just past the boat ramps is the RV dump and fresh water - So that is close !! I'm trying for the spot at the start of this page - That being section "C" space 16. I like the water and the price is 12 dollars a night. This is just a couple of hundred feet away from the pavement parking. Some elect to reserve a space in the RV Resort. One can either walk or drive to the other side of the Marina - Where most of us will be. As you've found out -- There are also many other camp grounds here. Windy Cove has 2 sections and then there is Discovery Point. There are also several Sand Campgrounds for the more adventerous .. .. Bottom line -- IF you prefer full hookups -- Call Salmon Harbor RV Resort (Best One) and reserve a spot. If you care to dry camp - NO reservations required (Plenty Of Room !!) -- Just head down the road to the RV dump/Boat ramps and select a spot of your choice .. .. Re-Reading last years thread may also help .. . . If I can be of any further HELP .. .. Just drop me a line .. .. See you folks at the Beach .. .. Dave
  13. OLDphoneman

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Pulled into Winchester Bay today .. .. Be here for a week -- Play on the dunes and exploring .. Gotta Go >>> >> > . Dave
  14. OLDphoneman

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Hello Bill and Sharon -- You'll miss our WCR .. .. If it works for you folks ........ Take the Sutherlin cutoff and head over to the Coast - To Winchester Bay for a couple of days on your way up. I'll meet you there .......... I'm draging the trailer there - Leaving this Sunday for a few days as we are getting a break from the RAIN ... .. . If this doesn't work for you - Let me know when you're in the Eugene area and stop at the Truck Stop and I'll buy you guys Lunch .. .. Safe Travels ...... Dave
  15. Done ....... Yes indeed -- You folks sure can catch fish .. Unique way to keep um Kool to ......... See Ya at the Beach ......... Dave Rollerskates ............. Backpack .. ..